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A governor with balls.

Big brass metaphoric ones.

H/t, Jim C.


I love my governor... =)
Almost makes me wish we were still stationed at Yuma.
And to think that she wouldn't even be a blip on the radar had J-No not suddenly vacated her office.
"A governor with balls."  " Big brass ones, on a female, no less, we can't even find them on the male!"
It's that paradigm shift in gender that everyone has been talking about.  The males are to be more sensitive and the females start growing cajones. 

I think the earth just tilted on its axis 1/8 an inch to the left.
Wow, a female with some brains, Katherine Optimus Maximae. You talk of a celestial event, where the Earth tilted on its axis about its axis about 1/8 of an inch, to the left. From your years of experience and wisdom, what do you think was the trigger to such an event? I wonder how many people were born around May of 1970? The event was the Woodstock Festival or August of 1969. We saw politicians making money off of the War in Viet Nam, it was not surprising to see a Soldier hang himself.  They were not really interested in winning the War, but to keep it going, going, going, ad nausea.  There must be an *actual date certain time limit on COIN.* It does not need to be public.

*My apology Katherine Optimus  Maximae, I went off topic.* Very complex questions can *not* be answered with simple answers.
Cojones grandes, si!

Not too happy with her treatment of gay civil service workers in Arizona, though.