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This one is for the DelfLord...

The Castle, existing as it does in a cross-time rift where the past, present, and future exist simultaneously, also has some esoteric weaponry, including these sidearms from the 23rd Century.
Chew on that, DelfLord.


simply stunning...
You better tell the guy on the right to  be careful with that thing - he'll shoot his finger off with that.
Just ask them to put this red shirt on.....
I dunno, sir, if you were going for a really effective Charlie's Angels pose, you should have been in the picture too, and had SWWBO take it...
 I did take the picture, and I did think of that sometime after.  And honestly, we only have 2 phasers, so, you know ...
That's too bad... :D
I'm always a little confused, is this a DARPA or "Future Combat Systems Event?" ; - )

 Heh... set Phasers to "extra crispy".......
You guys did get into that Sapphire before taking this pic, right?
No, oddly enough.  We got this goofed sober.  Must be all the steak...
I see you have the Type II phaser pistols - what no Type phaser III rifle? And I would think you would have the precursor laser pistols on hand if you've upgraded to phasers. I don't see a photon grenade launcher either.

Mmmmm. Probably TMT (too much Trek)
I know I've mentioned this before, but just in case other visting Trekkers have missed it...

There's a company called Art Asylum which makes high-quality replicas of the phaser, communicator, and the tricorder. The phaser separates in a hand-phaser from the pistol, and the communicator includes 9 different clips from the original series.

A good place to shop for them is, the Star Trek section. Phaser only, $25. Phaser & communicator, $48.95. Tricorder $49.95.

If you like that kind of stuff, also incorporates all the Irwin Allen shows, including Lost in Space, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (they offer a magnificent 1/128 scale model of the Seaview, 39" long), not to mention the classic Aurora horror kits.

BTW Saker ..... the visual of Charlie's Angels ...  compaired with the visual of the two warriors in the photo ... nearly puts me in gridlock.
The Angels were much more attractive.
Of course I am a before the dissolution of Don't Frigging Tell, Don't Frigging Go There .. was abolished.
I like girls. One in particular.
I dunno, jim. Try to be openminded about the whole thing and use your imagination. They're missing the third Angel, and neither of them are in spandex, leather or heels. (Actually I'm not sure about the heels... can't see feet.)
One reason there is no third angel up there is because the tight tee shirt would have been at navel, not nipple, level.

So, Casey - d'you like own stock in these people you shill...?

8^ )

LOL! No, I wish I did.

Just figured -considering the extraordinary wide variety of readers here- I might a useful heads-up for one or two of those who like this stuff.

Even if they won't admit it in public... Heh.

Besides, how cool is a high-tech nuclear submarine with a manta-ray forward hull and an independent flying sub!? With internal lighting and detailing? At 39" long?

Ok, that's almost as cool as the Polar Lights Star Trek Enterprise refit (AKA the "movie Enterprise") at 34" long. And I'll finish the thing just as soon as I figure out where to display it. Not to mention finding several teeny parts lost a couple years ago. Feh. :(