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Stand, and deliver!

So, here at Castle Argghhh!, last night found She Who Will Be Obeyed playing hostess to the Three Stooges of Milblogery. The Armorer, Chuck Z, and Old Blue. A fun night, in which a home-made homebrewing rig was delivered to the Castle, and Chuck and Morgan got to meet for the first time.
Ya wanna have some fun? Watch two seriously damaged individuals (physically, the mental damage doesn't figure into this) try to manhandle a heavy, 1972 avocado-green Sears refrigerator off a trailer, across grass and through a 36-inch door... except the beer taps that protrude through the door make the appliance 38 inches wide.   Suffice it to say that two field-grade officers demonstrated why enlisted guys handle tools in the motor pool under our watchful gaze.  

While we're deciding where in the Armory the multi-keggerator is going to go, Chuck notices that one of the kegs is dribbling a bit, and we don't want to waste any good homebrew, right?  So Chuck schleps that keg up to the (removed from the keggerator) door, and hooks it up to one of the taps.

Which is open, and which promptly demonstrates, at the speed-of-beer-under-pressure, that it is still functional, and starts dispensing beer on the Armory floor.  I'm watching in bemused fascination, Morgan is having a NCO-watching-a-field-grade-disaster moment of hilarity, and I think the cats have hangovers this morning.  Or maybe it's just hairballs.  Hard to say.

Then occurs a conversation you're really only going to have at Castle Argghhh!. 

"Okay, where do you want to put the keggerator?"

"I was thinking over there, just beyond where the flamethrower is."

"Okay - wait, where's the power outlet?

"Um, right there - behind the bomb."

"Hey!  The 'fridge will fit right in that space - but you'll have to move the bomb."

[sound of Bomb, Practice, 250lb size, Mk86 Mod 1 being moved]

"Sweet!  That fits perfectly!"

I'll spare you the story of how more beer got spilled onto a shelf of books by an open tap as the door was being reinstalled.  Just accept it was another field grade moment. 

About this time a slightly exasperated SWWBO demanded I attend to some hostly duties and get the fire going for the ribeyes, and we set about the serious business of grilling beef, baking potatos and mixing up a salad only to demolish it all in soldierly fashion.  [Insert image of consumption of mass quantities of dead cow]  SWWBO and the auld retired phart who is the Armorer got to listen to Chuck and Morgan tell war stories and develop the way forward to victory.
I also told Chuck that when he makes 07 (Brigadier General) I want him to hire me on as his personal media consultant (hey, LTG Caldwell has one). Not because I want to help him with that - but because I want to be in a position to watch the faces of Chuck's victims subordinates.

But one of the better results of last night is the opportunity to poke a stick into Matty O'Blackfive's eye. 

There was an email exchange earlier in the day, wherein I had also revealed that my CMP M1 Garands and Carbines had been delivered, and that Chuck and Morgan would get to indulge in some fondling of those old warriors (hey, the House just repealed DADT, right?  Well, not really, but that's a different post.).  The emails looked something like this.  I started with:

"Well, Chuck and I know what we can talk about with Morgan tonight.  After we're done fondling the new Garands and carbines."

Which engendered this response from Matt: "Garands?!   Next you'll tell me you have Sapphire and Laphroaig too!"

"Well, one of 'em, mebbe." I noted, somewhat gleefully.

A fuming Matty came back with "It's official. I loathe your existence. How nice."

Whereupon I decided to rub some salt in the wound: "I haven't seen them yet, but one is a Springfield Armory and the other is a Harrington and Richardson. I've already got a Winchester M1. Just need to score an International Harvester... 

The carbines are a Saginaw Steering Gear and National Postal Meter.  The liquor... well, mebbe I'll take a pic for you. 


What can it hurt, since you already find me loathesome."

Ahh, the sweet sound of success as Matt comes back with "REALLY loathesome."

Here ya go, Matt. 


Nice tee shirt.
Well, for most of us, it's a rhetorical question.  Chuck knows the answer as it pertains to him - he gave his right nut for Iraqi Freedom.

Up to them to take that gift and make something of it.

Chuck will be going back to Iraq next year to check on the ROI of his commitment.

They better be on their best behavior.
Great pic!!!
John writes this of Chuck,  "....he gave his right nut for Iraqi Freedom." You also write of a pending return and assessment. What if the right is not enough, they want the left? Now, John, you're a good leader, you lead by example.  What would you do? Hmmm, that's strange, I have a sense, that says, "Beth has a firm grasp of the 'issues'". 8 ^ )
Where is the keggerator???  Geez, after going on about the darn thing, (in fine bardsmanlike fashion, mind you) and not a single pic of the keggerator!??
I'd flounce away except, a) I don't flounce and b) I don't flounce.
Nice pic of the stooges, though.

  You know, if you have a spot of land available, you could put in a helo pad and some of us airdales might be able to stop in and raise the ruckus level of your soirees....... :)

  Nothin' like mixing Army, Navy, guns and liquor.....  

  Heh.... prolly have to create a Castle MASH unit too.  
I agree with DL Sly, and unlike him, I can flounce if the occasion calls for it. Where is the keggorator??

Ouch, BURN!

Sly, that approaching menopause thing is apparently causing your facial hair to become, um, more noticeable.

And yeah, I know you live in the country and are all Gaia-like, but mebbe shaving those legs, too.

So that feminine little Saker there won't have trouble telling yer a gurl...

Uh oh! I really should know better, since I've been on the receiving end of gender confusion before (on the internet, anyway...).  I'm busy yanking my foot out of my mouth right now, but I'm still waiting for more pics!
Well, I had considered snickering, but I didn't want to embarrass Saker any more.....or any less, for that matter, the longer I stroked the chin hairs in contemplation of the possible replies.

Oh, and btw, I shaved..............this month.
A Rock-Ola is the carbine I want, because that's just funny.  It's a shame they didn't make any of the M-2s, because that would be even funnier.