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Shiver Me Timbers - Tools Of The Trade

Call me nostalgic, but I preferred when the pirates of old used to swagger with cutlasses in hand.  Now a days they bully around with...

(The above modern-day cutlass, was confiscated by the German Navy, in an operation March 3rd 2009)

20-Dollar rusty Type-56's.  At least the bayo is still shinny.



And it probably doesn't work any less effectively than it did when it was new, either.

Those magazines on the other hand...

I was never a big fan of the bayonet.  When our Drill Sergeants wanted us to respond to "What's the purpose of the bayonet?" with "To kill.", I used to think to myself "to make sure you bring plenty of ammo."  The AK bayonet was a particularly  nasty piece of work, a triangular shaft with a spade screwdriver tip.  Yuch, it still gives me the chillies.
The Auld Soldier, who's second Purple Heart came from a bayonet wound, always remarked about the chinese soldier involved having brought a knife to a gun fight.
ya sure someone didn't take a can of Krylon to it, to make it all, like, tacticool, don'tcha know?