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Putatively, there's a Marine in there, somewhere.

Dare ya to call Sergeant Snyder a BAM.
Sgt. Kimberly Snyder (second from the left) competes in the 2010 Palmetto Cup figure competition class B in Columbia, May 15. Snyder finished the competition in second place. Photo by Pfc. Justin Boling


The sad thing is that she has more backbone and will than the entire administration.
Jon The Mechanic, She's got more brass, where it counts, than the whole US Government combined. 
Grumpy, you mean the whole CIVILIAN portion of the US government.

Remember, us military guys are part of that goverment.
Wouldn't even think of referring to SGT Snyder as a BAM:  not only was I properly brought up, but the term is wildly inaccurate in this instance.

On the other hand, if there had been more Marines that look like SGT Snyder around when I was talking to recruiters 32 years ago, I might very well have gone into the Corps instead of the Army.