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One Day, Long, Long Ago, In A Far-Distant Land...

...there was a helicopter pilot who didn't tell a completely outlandish and totally unbelievable war story.

But that was long, long ago, in a far-distant land, and it was only that one helicopter pilot.

And it was only on that one day...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Now, that's a perfect example of the kind of unwarranted, blatant, stereotyping abuse I'm subjected to on a daily basis by the ground-pounding gravel-crunchers over here.

I swear, it's exactly like what happened that time in Soc Trang, when...



Oh you poor thing. :D

*flicking errant tear onto the wall with fingertip*

heart-rendin', ain't it?

Fortunately, there are sufficient gullible understanding ladies hereabouts to lend an understanding ear and assuage my erstwhile-inconsolable heartbreak...
Soc Trang, Soc Trang, Let me tell you about Tra Cu, TINS...........( Specific marker to tell a sea story from a fairy tale: A fairy tale begins "Once upon a time," a sea story begins, "TINS.")
I was worried there for a minute.  Thanks goodness it only happened ONCE, to ONE pilot.... a pilot I'm sure I don't know.
I'm absolutely sure it has never happened  with a fighter jock, ever.

BTW, if you walk into a room of 20 people in civvies and one of them is a pilot, how can you tell which one?

Answer: you won't have to, he/she will tell you.
Who is understanding?
The USMC variant starts with:

"I was in Dam Li back in the Old Corps..."

The "Old Corps" being the Marine Corps you were in a day before the guy you're talking to joined up...
Who's on first... Understanding is the umpire.

We'd have liked you better if you had ever actually landed the damn things.
Heh. That's another reason I liked the Delta. No elephant grass...
And Mangrove is better how?
You can climb down a mangrove.

Problem is, then you have to swim...
Funny, and so consistent w/vets.
Choosing this morning between a local ride and one in a fairly small town (pop. 4K) out in the hinterlands a fair piece away (for me) for their annual Veterans Parade.  Think I'll be in the hinterlands.  Old Time America and the people, and the food, will be pretty darned good.  Rolling Thunder.
I thought all good (war) stories began with ..."No S#@!, I was there..."
I always thought it was, "really, this aint no sh!t". 
And if we ever find that guy we'er going to string him up.  Always one bad apple, gotta ruin it for the rest of us.
We just pretend to understand. It's a talent. And means to an end ;-)