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Okay. Whatziss?

And one of you (you know who you are) can't play. Personally, I think someone will get this one pretty quick.
Ha!  Caughtcha! 


 A mobile meteorology station?  That also picks up radioactivity levels when there is atomic testing?
And a seismometer and a stewpot.
"And one of you (you know who you are) can't play"

Ok, don't worry.  I will sit here quietly while everyone takes a guess.

Heh.  Princess Crabby, contrary to your firm convictions... it's not *always* about you...!

I'm going to essay a SWAG and suggest that it's an early fire-control device for anti-aircraft-artillery.  More specificially, it is intended to determine azimuth and elevation of an approaching aircraft by tracking the sound of the engines.

Either that, or it's an Italian Army field wine cooler.

Artillery target acquisition microphone system for acoustic dirction-finding in support of counterbattery fires.
If you want people to know it's not an LRAD you should change the NAME of the picture to 'Whatziz #n"
It's a pre-radar directional acoustic ear to track incoming aircraft.
Battlefield microwave relay....or not.
Early listening device to detect aircraft, or misconscrewed bune buggy!
The original Mars Rover ..... before the magic of silicon chips.  LOL
Obama's first Teleprompter
Do you have a picture of the same at a different angle?? 
I understand it is a scanned old photo so we cannot enlarge it but my eyes hurt :o)
Its an old acoustic listening device.
It's an "X" version of the Tea Cup ride at Disney Land...
Experimental VTOL platform, with three coaxial ducted-fan engines.  Shown with the engine support structure tilted for maintenance.
Either that or, as everyone else has already noted, a Magic Ear for spotting airplanes.

My guess is a direction and range system for either aircraft or enemy artillery.  In a pinch it could probably be used for both duties.  Heck, if you had a good operator the type of aircraft could be identified just like sonar guys can identify enemy ships by the sounds of their screws and equipment.
Range fan, 1 each (ducted)
An acoustic listening device? Please, anyone with half an eye can see it's the rotary wing training device Bill learned on.
VLCPTA2 Very Large Clay Pigeon Thrower

You can easily spot the difference between it and the obsolete A1 the National Guard uses:
the A2 has the three-round burst feature. 
A WW2 German Sehrgrosselehmtaubewerfer
used for training German quad 88mm AA cannon crews

You can easily tell it was used for the quad crews.
The three-round burst feature leaves the crew with one loaded tube if they miss one of the three Lehmtauben.
I see several possibilities here.
1)  smoke generator
2) cloud seeding device
3) orgone accumulator or projector
4) competitor of an orgone device
Forgot to include experimental infrasound weapon.
And no matter what it really is, my neighbor 2 miles down the road would give his most precious unmentionalble body parts to be able to add it to his beacon array for contacting space aliens.
I was doing some extended system maintenance, all day and most of tonight. I have a question and a suggestion. @Armorer, 25 May 2010, 8:38AM, You talk of Princess Crabby's convictions. Would you be so kind as to tell us in what court she was convicted? Then was the basis of these convictions? I would have never thunk it. You always learn something from here everyday.

Suggestion:@Spiff, 25 May 2010, 10:43AM, You use the term "Misconscrewed", others use the term "unscrewed". Knowing the high degree of professionalism on this blog, they will make sure that you are mind screwed correctly in the future.
Finally, should have been added at the end.  8 ^ ) 
Early mobile chemical decontamination dispenser, ca. 1902. The four dispensing heads are a dead giveaway.

Never fielded due to the lack of a chemical weapons threat from the Boxers.
An early example of COTS procurement, the M-1917 Device, Illuminating, Mobile, Bomber-Underwing Light Blinder (DIMBULB) was conceived as a low-cost US coastal defense alternative to high-candlepower searchlights, with a specific application against low-level penetration raids by Gotha bombers. Although over 30,000 M-1917s were produced, they were never fielded for several reasons:

1. The Germans refused to fly their Gothas at low level,

2. The Germans had no Gothas capable of transAtlantic flight, and

3. Due to a typographical error in the RFP, it was not configured to use the 75-watt bulbs (to be procured separately) specified in the original patent, and the Army could not identify a supplier of 57-watt bulbs before the Armistice was signed.
Some versions of Pekin Duck could be misconstrued as chemical warfare items! Go Charlton!
And here I was thinking it was something used to either wind up cables, or keep tension on them.
Another brilliant thought - a WW 1 smoke laying machine!  Or mobile seachlight unit...Fans in the heads keep the builbs from burning up...
The Navy uses fans in the heads, but they're not to keep bulbs from burning up...

Just sinuses!

Early big ear, with azimuth and horizontal mechanical readouts, pre supersonic obviously, maybe WWI vintage? :-)
Terrapod:  are you saying they used echo-location back then?
Looks like the acoustic aircraft detector votes have it.  Pic of a close variant at and same exact pic at
No detailed descriptive info, though. calls or associates it with "Waalsdorf"
Results of an evening spent with Google.

Canada was using sound ranging n WWI and claims to be the inventer of the technique or at least the first to use it in land warfare.
Many have nailed this already, but I'll second or third it... acoustic DF/HF aircraft tracking device. Azimuth and Elevation info is passed to the gun layers....
Echo was not intended, but could be-be-be??!!  For some reason the server hung and I made 3 attempts to send. Good ole Redmond software allowed all 3 to transmit... Sorry bout that.
Youse guys are going all the wrong way. It mose difnatly is a 100m target fer the .303 Enfield.....I think, or maybe not. Lemme ask my mom upstairs, it's dark down here.
That is the very first hearing aid.

They forgot the truck with the battery.
So whatziss? Hook a brotha up, dude.