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My Muse having eloped with the Faun of Honest Labor today...

I'll settle for phoning it in: Chinese Cyberwarrior PT



Take stone from lap grasshopper.
Easy enough, if you take it slowly.

Position yourself atop a block of ice, then, as the ice melts, remain very, very, still...
...and hold that position long enough for the melted water to evaporate.
It didn't evaporate -- check the puddle by the doorway, behind his left forearm.

See how his body is bent slightly forward? He's upslope...
UPSLOPE.  I get it.
Oh, that's bad.  Very bad.  Into the dungeon with you, Slick!
Playing with the goats today?  Shooting?  Playing with the rabbits or the hens or the dogs or the kitties or ....?

faun (fôn)
n. Roman Mythology
Any of a group of rural deities represented as having the body of a man and the horns, ears, tail, and sometimes legs of a goat.
Sometimes, the commentariat here is so over-educated that they over-think things...
I'm strong enough to do this ..... with Photoshop.  LOL
OK...I'm impressed...I would have to work some to get that right...but how does he shoot from that position? If this is part of Chinese Tactical War Fighting, he'd have to be strong to throw one of those stones at me. And...if I'm more then 10 yards problem.
Cyberwarrior, FM - just has to keep his keyboarding parts in order...