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I'm not as exercised about the President's Memorial Day plans... are many on the right side of the 'sphere.  He does plan to attend ceremonies in Chicago, after all.  I would be in a bit of high dudgeon if he was just skipping it altogether. 

After all, one of the reasons Federal and bank employees get all those holidays that the rest of us don't is so that there will be *someone* attending the ceremonies marking the events, right?

Be interesting to see if his tin ear regarding how we feel on the topic has improved any.

At current government growth trends, it won't be that many years down the road when half the working population will have all those days off - and those of us not in the government, but making enough money to actually have to pay taxes, will be getting none of those holidays in order to generate sufficient income for the politicians to redistribute to their fellow employees and dependent classes.

President Obama promised us change, and he's kept that promise.  No letting anything he does be influenced by the cold, dead hand of history.  Nope.  Not him. 

President Clinton went to Arlington for all 8 Memorial Days.

GW Bush went to Arlington for 7 Memorial Days. The day that he and Cheney swapped was when the President went to Normandy (h/t Matt of Blackfive for that research).

Well, I'm all about hoping for change.  Here's hoping we can change Congress by overthrowing Madame Speaker at the ballot box this November, and then overthrowing the Presidency at the ballot box in 2012.  Ballots, not bullets, are my preferred form of regime change.  [Inside joke there - *very* inside.]


Personally, I'd prefer that he NEVER tarnish the hallowed ground of Arlington by stepping foot onto it.
he hasn't earned "the right" to honor anyone who served
I have to disagree there, bman.  When he was elected, he earned "the right" that went with the job, same as Bill Clinton.

We may chafe at it, we may not like how he does it - but, I'll quibble on the technicality.
[Inside joke there - *very* inside.]
So inside that even a Harvard Ph.D. didn't get it.

Of course, he didn't get a lot of what was being said...
I have to agree with John on that, bman. Not that I like it, I just keep saying, "honor the office if not the man". A LOT.

There are a lot of things I have received that I didn't actually earn. I live in the greatest country in the world (at least it is for now). I have to right to speak my mind and earn my living in any way I want to -  that will pay me. These and many other things were an inheritance.

I didn't earn these things, I was given them at birth by the men and women who came before and made the sacrifices necessary to pass on such a grand inheritance.

That's why Memorial Day is a big deal and if the president doesn't understand it enough to observe it in a fitting manner he diminishes himself, not the holiday.
Respect for the office, if not for the office holder.

Often it is a mark on the character of the man when he announces his activities. While I do not respect him, nor would I shake his hand if given the opportunity, i will obey the oders of the President because of my reverence for the Constitution and this country.

That given, I will also door to door campaign for his removal from office in 2012.
I rather think the truth is he doesn't care.  I also rather suspect he does so flagrantly in order to position himself with the rather large number of others who don't care.

It's a worrying thought such a tactic might work.