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Hi. My name is John and I'm fat.

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And we're coming for you

Now that you know I'm fat, you're going to downcheck my writing, too.  Study sez so.  I'm sure it's not the mouse ears.

Among the key findings of a quarter-century's worth of research: Unattractive people are less likely to be hired and promoted, and they earn lower salaries, even in fields in which looks have no obvious relationship to professional duties. (In one study, economists Jeff Biddle and Daniel Hamermesh estimated that for lawyers, such prejudice can translate to a pay cut of as much as 12 percent.) When researchers ask people to evaluate written essays, the same material receives lower ratings for ideas, style and creativity when an accompanying photograph shows a less attractive author. Good-looking professors get better course evaluations from students; teachers in turn rate good-looking students as more intelligent.

Heh.  I actually do get grief because of my size.  I know someone who got canned from a medical software giant because she "didn't fit the image of youth and fitness" they desired.  Leave aside she was the most popular analyst in her group, according to client feedback.  If they'd only put that in writing, and not made her sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to get her severance package...  she'd be rich today.

I get to look people in the eye who give me crap and say, "Yeah, true, I'm fat. I didn't used to be, but that's what happens sometimes when you handle nukes.  And if you're paying taxes, you're paying me circa $1400 a month, tax free, too.  Because I'm fat.  Now bugger off and die while I spend your money on a Big Mac, you pencil-necked sunken chested tofu-eating asshat."

But I'm mean like that.

It's an interesting conundrum, though.  At what point do we draw the line, before we become Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron nation?

THE YEAR WAS 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th, 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General.

Or the world described in Rob Grant's Incompet(e)nce? (H/t  NRO's John Miller for that one).  Of course, now that Michelle Obama is going after Ronald McDonald (recommendations 2.5-9), I'm sure it will get all better soon.


I stand firmly beside you.  That to this.  Not going to show the pics but my field grade spread is obvious.  WTH, laff and enjoy it.  It only comes around once..
UGLY PEOPLE UNITE. I don't know which came first...I like to eat so I learned to cook...or I like to cook...and soooooo...oh well. I'm going to go nuke aome chicken, peppers and onions in a red sauce out of my freezer and dump it over some orzo. If you don't know what orzo is you probably eat cheeze and mac.. Too bad.
John, join the rest of us, you're a  pain in the ass survivor. Have you ever taken a look at the people making these decrees? They've done nothing with their lives, let's put them "in Country", anywhere other than here. Feel free to add whatever spices needed for the situation of *your* choice. These are the same people they use to determine clothing sizes. They take a dang pencil and call it "XXLarge." I would love to see them bring in just a different set of standards for the sizing of clothing. Then, I want to watch them go shopping for clothing. There is another whole issue of putting on the clothes, hopefully. I was actually thinking of the Auld Soldier's fatigues, you could stand those old girls, at attention, in the corner. They stayed in position, while the Auld Soldier slept or some reasonable facsimile of it. Of course, the next morning, he had to put them on and brake them in. Talk about chafe and in all the wrong places.

I saw the pic, then the headline.  Must need new glasses.  I swore the headline read;

"Hi, my name is John and I'm a rat"......

Doesn't look like you said; "Cheese" for the picture either...
Yer just projecting Kevin.
I dunno... I liked Laura Bush's emphasis on reading better. Being skinny won't get you an education. But what do I know? I don't get to be the queen. :D
Fat is relative. I worked for it, I bought it, paid taxes on it, drank it.
Augie Busch made me what I am today, and I'm proud to say my beer gut only gets in the way  when I lace up my boots to work some more. For more beer.
Being 60 and a lot of change gives me summat of a privilege to be happy.
'Sides it dappens the recoil.

>>'Sides it dappens the recoil.

I SO want this on a tee shirt LOL.  

"...consistent with science-based nutrition standards."

Whose science -- the gummint's? The same gummint that declared a trace gas essential to all carbon-based life a toxic industrial pollutant that's *harmful* to carbon-based life?

I've seen "science-based nutrition" swing its "science-based" conclusions all over the spectrum, from infra-red to ultraviolet, halting momentarily at every single color in between, simply because those "science-based" conclusions were actually based on the personal bias of the "scientist" doing the basing -- and I've seen it happen enough times to know that any "science-based nutrition" pronouncement needs to be taken with a large dose of salt -- which, according to "science-based nutrition," is also bad for you.

Farking arugula-munching, soy juice-drinking, patchouli-sniffing, nanny-state imbeciles without two logic synapses to rub together, believing we'll all live forever if we just follow *their* particular beliefs...
Of course, since there belief system denies the existence of Deity and an after life, they are constantly striving to live longer here since here is all they got. 

We have another Mickey for Erik Svane's blog...but I digress.

Here's the bottom Line, John: You earned whatever girth you're comfortable with (so to speak).

And another thing: the best defense against the Nannies-of-the-Potomac is their face...between bites of bacon-wrapped Twinkies and deep-fried Oreos.

We need more Dennis Millers and Stephen Kruisers and Andrew Klavans to shame these barbarians into abject submission. When they realize few people take them seriously anymore, they will self-detonate, exploding like the inconsequential little party favors they are.

Could you guys leave arugula alone?? :o)  This wonderful spicy green vegetable does not deserve to be lumped together with the nanny-staters.  And it goes extremely well with most pasta dishes :o)
Why don't you hammer on tofu instead??  I hate tofu :o)

Actually, you look like you lost weight since I saw you last. You look fine!

And tofu is awesome. Specially when you deep fry it in bacon fat.
Baroness - you're doomed to disappointment on the arugula front, ever since the President said "Let them eat arugula!" it has been identified with over-weening pious sanctimony.

Can't say I like arugula, either. And I disliked it before everyone knew the president does like it.  But I'm just picky that way.  It was described to me as having a peppery taste, which I would enjoy.  But it has more of a toasted sesame oil flavor, but too strongly so.
only if I am on an uninhabited island and dying from hunger will the tofu be considered as subsistance :o) bacon fat or not :o)  and I love bacon :o)  bacon tastes awesome with arugula :o)
Heh.  It's even worse than that and goes to invisible mental qualities, ever since Griggs vs. Duke Power forbade employers to give aptitude and intelligence tests. I usually ace those, but am no longer allowed to do so. Instead, the employers use interviews (which I generally flunk, being a bit strange) and those stupid personality tests which seem designed to screen out anybody with any initiative and gumption in favor of pliable drones.

I know you will hate me for this, but I wear 30" waist trousers and medium t-shirts and have since I was 17. I will be 60 soon. I weigh almost exactly the same as I did then, too, but sadly that seems caused by muscle being replaced by fat.
 Let me see if I can follow the logic here...
Unattractive people are less likely to be hired and promoted, and they earn lower salaries, even in fields in which looks have no obvious relationship to professional duties.
so John... since I should be paying you less for your blogging that I so enjoy, but I don't actually pay you (and have been known to break things at your home), wouldn't that mean you should be paying me to read here?

Although admittedly I'm not exactly my goal weight either, so if you were paying me, then I guess you would have to reduce your payments to me as well...

so I guess we'll call it even! :)
@Randy K, I always thought the people coming here had more scruples than that.  They don't bury "Congress-critters, they just screw them into the ground, when they die. Requirements for office, first, investigated, then indicted or received an information, same thing, arrested and put into jail, tried, convicted and sentenced.  After which, you are pardoned. Then and only then are you right when you write....

"so I guess we'll cal it even!  :)
   I think I'm ready  for Congress.... or maybe the IRS."

You could even think about the good old TSA. You'd be qualified.

@BillT,  or Is it my imagination, it appears that BillT is getting a tad bit cynical.
Which is more unhealthy?  Carrying a few extra pounds, or inhaling smoke and other carcinogens from Obama's cancerettes?
JTG, I don't hate you for having a waist the size of my inseam.

We're not haters here.  Unless you're a commie or Islamofacist or something.  Then we can work up a good two-minute hate.
I propose we fat people host a get together to protest this obvious form of segregation.

I'll bring the Bar B Que....
You could even think about the good old TSA. You'd be qualified.
Come on now... there's no reason to be insulting! ;)

If I was 9 foot 6, I'd be the right hight for my weight. Or I'd have to loose a 6 year old kid.
 Favorite bumpersticker #244:  "Salad is what food eats."
This new A-Team motion picture looks lame. No movie can compare to the original tv show.