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First, there was Animal House...

Now, we have Castle Animal Farm... where some Armorers are more equal than others. Or something like that.

But, oddly enough, all are subject to Farmer She Who Will Be Obeyed.

In yesterday's "Stand, and Deliver!" post, there was whinage from the ankle-biting garden pests readers, well, the apparently hirsute (according to Saker, anyway) Dark Lord Sly:

Where is the keggerator??? Geez, after going on about the darn thing, (in fine bardsmanlike fashion, mind you) and not a single pic of the keggerator!??

Then another ankle-biter Saker chimed up in support (while bashing the Dark Lord's femininity...):

I agree with DL Sly, and unlike him, I can flounce if the occasion calls for it. Where is the keggorator??
Now, DL Sly *is* a Marine wife, but that's harsh...

Anyway, in that post I recounted this conversation:

Then occurs a conversation you're really only going to have at Castle Argghhh!.

"Okay, where do you want to put the keggerator?"

"I was thinking over there, just beyond where the flamethrower is."

"Okay - wait, where's the power outlet?

"Um, right there - behind the bomb."

"Hey! The 'fridge will fit right in that space - but you'll have to move the bomb."

[sound of Bomb, Practice, 250lb size, Mk86 Mod 1 being moved]

"Sweet! That fits perfectly!"
And it does, doesn't it?  


And that is, in a sense, a classic Castle Armory Accessory, whereby we hold and preserve artifacts until the fancy-pantsed degreed museum curator-types recognize they need one of those to complete their collection...

I'm holding on to this piece of history, with that "Aces 6" painted on it.  Not just because it has taps and holds two kegs of beer and the CO2 tank, which it does, but because I want to preserve it for when the Patton Museum calls for it - after General Ziegenfuss takes the 1st Armored Division to Moscow.  Or Duluth.  Whichever.  Then, having then-Captain Ziegenfuss' Command Keggerator will be viewed as a great public service by the curator of the Armor Museum.  And I'll make him pay.  I'll probably trade him for either a running Stuart or that T-28.

And I was serious about that flamethrower part, too.  Right there, upper right corner of this pic of the Brew-Kit of Aces6/Argghhh!

Be safe this weekend folks.  Don't make next Memorial Day... yours.


Now that's what I'm talking 'bout!!  That's right purty.  One day we'll have one.....
As it is now, being active duty and still subject to the *locational whims* of the Overlords, this is all we can realistically tote around right now.  But it'll do....for now.
It was Chuck going to Hawaii, with the concomitant weight limits *and* bad-for-brewing temps that caused the transfer of authority...
That brewery.jpg pic could cause some serious vapors among the nanny state set.  Not so much the flamethrower in the basket as the back ground of projo, powder cans and misc. rocket grenades.  :-)

Of course, it just makes me  want to add the Castle to my list of pilgrimage sites...
I'm envious! 
Yer a lucky dog.  Which fits in nicely with the whole Animal Farm theme here.
I see Eric Flint... and, possibly an Honor Harrington book? Baen is good stuff.
Chuck had to leave his keggorator behind????
Hey Saker...Ya think he put the SQL book out there so we think he's a brainiac. Nothing like leafing through a Microsoft manual to drive you to dwink.
Fishmugger - First, the technical book is likely to be Beth's.  Second, as John occasionally likes to point out, I work for the Circle M, so be nice!  Heh.
In cleaning out my excess books this week in preparation for a team move (from one building to the one across the courtyard), I finally divested myself of my Windows 2000 training books.  I'm a pack-rat, only moving causes me to throw things out ;-)
Jeebus! That's my mom's old refrigerator! No, really, I think she bought the exact same model; same color, same handles, from Sears... It had a funky ice-maker in the freezer that issued ...scimitar-shaped icecubes is the closest I can describe it. Kept leaking like heck so she eventually turned it off, and went back to ice-cube trays.

Pity I can't ask her now. It's been about 10 years now, RIP.

Still, a very cool gizmo.

Barb, - the book is mine.  For several years I toiled in the basement of a building here at Fort Leavenworth, extracting data from a finicky sim-output database, and when the standard reports didn't answer the question, I had to build custom reports. 

Fishmugger - I *am* a brainiac.  8 ^D 

Casey - that same refrigerator occupied Mom and Dad's kitchen for decades, too.  Bought in 1972, upon our return from Germany.