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Castle Argghhh! - a bad influence, world-wide.

Castle Argghhh!, in the minds of anti-gunners, is a very bad place. With a world-wide reach. As I've related before, I'm a Rotarian. One of the things Rotary does is to conduct what are called "group study exchanges," where a Rotarian leads a team of young professionals (who are not, and cannot be at the time, Rotarians, but are actively sought to join when the exchange is over) on an exchange visit from their Rotary District to another Rotary District around the world. This year, my district conducted an exchange with a district in Brazil. In the past, I have been involved with exchange teams from Japan, Korea, India, and the Philippines. One of the funny things about these exchanges is... the visiting teams, oft-times coming from countries where private ownership of firearms is either banned or highly regulated, usually want to partake of the gun culture of the United States. And we oblige them. You've not seen funny until you see a Japanese woman of typical japanese stature pull the trigger on a M1863 Springfield rifled musket... that is longer than she is tall.

This year, SWWBO and I hosted the team from Brazil for dinner, and hosted one team member as an overnight guest. In honor of their visit, I hoisted the flag of Brazil outside, and swapped the jezail that normally hangs over the bar for a M1908 Brazilian Mauser. Hey, got to honor the guests, right? Here's two members of the team, Ary and Marcio (Marcio being our houseguest) stylin' with the rifle.


That, of course, led to a trip into the Arms Room of Argghhh! to visit the Arsenal of Argghhh! in which much fun was had by all.  Marcio was all into the modern stuff, the team leader, Neto, was an aficionado of "Band of Brothers" so he was into the M1 carbines and rifles.  Ary was just overwhelmed by the choices. 

As the weather and schedule were not cooperative, we didn't get to do any shooting.  But as these visits last a month, and the team moves throughout our district, I put the word out to the downstream clubs that if someone could get the team to a range it would be well-received. 

And such is the nature of this district that not only were there no hissy-fits over me letting them wander through the Arms Room, the Topeka clubs took on the rifle range challenge...  as this snippet from an email relates:

Well I am not sure who was entertained more during the GSE teams visit to Topeka. It has been an incredible weekend and the team is so much fun to be with and they are willing to do anything. We started the Topeka visit with a tour of the Ward Meade Park in Topeka on Thursday afternoon in the rain. We all had umbrellas and Marcio had seen the movie, “Singing in the Rain” so was imitating Gene Kelly. They were all fascinated with the old schools, doctor’s office, cabins, mansion, etc. After the tour we all met at Quinton’s for a quick drink before delivering them to their host families. They enjoyed attending the Topeka South Rotary meeting and really enjoyed all of the tours that had been arranged for them.

Saturday we were all able to go out to a shooting range and shot a variety of cowboy lever guns, AR15s, rifles and several pistols and revolvers. [T]he Topeka West club arranged this as we heard this might be something they would enjoy. They certainly did.

Mission accomplished.  Hey - we once took someone who had never touched a gun before, got them to bust a few caps one afternoon, and 30 days later they had two pistols and a concealed carry permit.  And no, that's not me on the left.  Dude is waaay too skinny.  That's Marcio behind the rifle.

Castle Argghhh!!! and the Armorer - conquering the world, one person at a time.


Well done.  John for SECSTATE!  

Now, what would you do with President Aquavelvajad? 
The photo of the guy with the AK - he needs to keep his booger hook off the bang switch! 

Other than that, good job. Kind of amazing how jsut about anyone who has a good introduction to shooting sports gets a big grin and ends up enthusiastic about shooting. 
Joe, every time I bring in people who are complete newbies, there's lots of safe weapons handling instruction going on - and another reason no weapon enters the Arms Room in an uncleared condition.
You're a corrupter of youth, sir!
No, no.  You have me confused with Bill.
Easily enough remedied -- just associate us with our respective organizations.

John: Rotary = Rotund.

Me: Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association = Tall, devilishly good-looking, often delusional.

See? Easy.
John, it's an amazing concept you're describing. Let's see, start with one and teach two new people, now every person does it. It doesn't sound like much, but just watch. You start out with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128. Now take a look at a chess board or checker board with 64 squares or 8 rows of 8. The first row is done. Hint, it'll make the National Debt look like "chicken feed".

About firing weapons, you need some MASS.  ; - )
Bill = you bassid.  Score!
Grumpy - as a co-worker puts it - "I am in shape.  Round is a shape."
John, I may be a bit senstive on it, and I'm sure you do drum into them SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY - but looking at that photo it sure looks to me as if his index finger is curled onto the trigger.  That may be one of the hardest things to break a new person of.  I mean, that rrigger calls to you to caress it, just a bit, feel who smooh and firm it is, then press a bit, the oh, so gently firm resistance....
You are correct, Joe - his finger is there around the trigger.  I didn't take this picture, I was busy showing one of the others proper clearing techniques.

Ya gotta start somewhere!
So long as Rule 1 is observed "Keep iteh durned thing pointed is a safe direction" everything should be reasonably OK.  Some yellow or brown stains maybe, but no red stuff. 

As you say, gotta start somewhere. 

The ones I find really frightening are the ones who manage to hit the target, then, finger still on the trigger, turn toward you all excited and kind of waving the firearm. 
 Hey, Bill!  John may be somewhat rotund, but I am *not* a luddite wife!
Oh, yeah -- 'nother difference!

John: SO is an accomplished blogger in her own right.

Bill: SOOOOOOOO DEAD if SO discovers blogosphere.
@John,  Reading this, brings back many memories out of the past from my Father. We had an old gravel pit to practice. My Mother gave me the child version, but my Dad gave the "adult version of the same lessons." But as he spoke, there was a quiet in his voice. He said, "Shooting a weapon is like making love to a woman. First, comes a healthy respect for the weapon or woman. Then comes the understanding that two shall become one, but that doesn't just happen. You don't grab, you caress that trigger at the same time, your breathing is subdued, you have become one. The round goes off."

@Bill, Good Luck, you're gonna need it