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Caption Contest (Irish Pennants on Israeli Sox Edition)

The real caption reads:
An Israeli soldier adjusts her comrade's sock before a welcoming ceremony for Brazil's President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva at the residence of Israel's President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem March 15, 2010. REUTERS/Baz Ratner

But I wonder what Unka Bill will haffta say about this?



Now I know where Old Army Blanket Heaven is...

No more bean burritos for YOU!!!!!!

Wouldn't that give them an *er* "itch" of some sort, UnkaBill?

  What happened to all the poodles? If yer gonna wear low-cuts and bobby sicks, ya gotta have a poodle on that skirt!
Socks?  I'd be more concerned as to why Matilda's charging handle is hangin' and her door is open...........
I won't ask, if you won't tell...
Master Jewell - good catch!
I don't think they're skirts...more like Bermuda length shorts. But whatever they are...I'm going back to the Ukrainian Womens cha cha.
If little miss charging handle doesn't unlock those knees, she's gonna face plant in a minit.
Not sure about a snappy caption, but doing an exchange program as a sock adjuster for an all female IDF unit is right up my alley. The lady with the cocking handle issue needs to be dealt with through the use of properly applied corporal punishment. She clearly needs further remedial training in the proper use of cocking handles and I suspect the whole squad should take part as well. I be relentless in my duty to ensure this unit socks and cocking handles are up to snuff.
Colin has the right idea on how to deal with the charging handle, although cocking handle does lend itself to double meaning.  I'm sure after the properly applied remedial training and sound advice from a seasoned veteran like myself, she would be the example that the rest of the company wanted to emulate.
In fairness to the Israeli soldiers with the finely turned calves, Those M16A1s look like they've been in continuous daily service since the 6 day war.  I'd say the likelihood that simply blipping the buttplate on the gound would make a loosey goosey charging handle latch let go and a worn ball detent on the ejection cover pop. 
Charging is more of a American term, we generally "cock" our guns up here, both are correct as the handle does both charge the gun and cocks the hammer.
And the descent into military geekery accelerates!
Colin, I go by what the FM for the particular piece of equipment says.  If you all went to that British 5.56 version (don't know the nomenclature, but the pistol grip is in front of the chamber) then I'm sure cocking handle applies.

OK, John that is the end of my mil geek self for this post.