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A new whatzis!

Yeah, I know - I haven't conclusively answered the old one (though it has been conclusively answered in the comments - with links)
I know what this *could* be - the fevered imaginings of a leftoid open borders advocate while lying in his sweat-soaked sheets having nightmares about Amerikka and the logical consequences of Arizona's new law.

But it's not.


By the striking similarities to Sgt Schultz on teh right, can it be safe to say that they are filming a remake of Hogan's Heroes?

Either way, the flags hanging vertically in the windows are wrong. (Unless they're covering vertical coffins)
Parade preps, Fort Leavenworth?

   That officer is planning ahead. He's brought the bulk of the German Army with him, and three other guys in case  he needs some help.......  
Hogan, I see nothing, I hear nothing..........
Is Fritz on the far left wearing a modern day Kevlar helmet?
No, Wolfgang.  A helmet camo strap and low-res combine to make his helmet look funny.
Perhaps a European re-enactment group, which would account for the old uniforms mixed with a modern one.  The flags could be any direction over there since the odds are the locals are not familiar with US standards.

The only German solider that can carry a K98 concealed.........

lmao the poor guy is fat and the first thing that popped in our minds is Schultz.

It does look a bit showy.  Movie? Reenactment?
HH - if you're referring to the camo uniform, that's an SS camo pattern circa late '43, I believe.
This is a really long shot, but the building front stirs recollections of a military relics shop in Santa Monica CA called "The War Museum" that I visited a time or two back in the early 70's.  One of the things for sale that  really made me drool was a Norden bomb sight.  The characters out front - someone playing dress up with some of the shop wares?

Alternate explanation, some German troops training in a mock up of an American town/city, and the background is intended to represent a recruiting station?
Reenactors Parson Kansas.

Bill T converted his "Santa Claus" suit into a Wehrmacht costume and made an appearance to gain information on those who want to pretend to be :Dead Germans".

That said ... I just don't fit a 98 Mauser. The way that the sling attaches iritates me. Yes I do own one.

The one I do like is a "parts gun" assembled by my Gunsmithy Michael Allee Gunsmithing Only . I took him a new Israeli 8mm barrel and told him ... my barrel needs a new gun. He built me one around it. It is a dream. From the timney trigger to the stock .action, receiver sites (iron) and sling, it is my ultimate "field rifle".

He also built a heavy barrel model 98, with a laminate stock, timney trigger, and a bullet drop compensator telescopic site for my son ... "The Gr@ym@n"  This guy knows his stuff.
The guy to the right is John Colyer.  The unit if I recall correctly is the 11th Nordland SS reenactors, portraying Norwegian SS volunteers that signed on to fight the Soviets.

Just another Mayor Dailey Memorial parade in Chicago...