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A lazy Castle day... Puppy Basic continues

A post designed to drive Og to distraction.

"Hey!  Willy, d'you hear something?"

"I dunno, Maggie. Wait a minnit - I hear it too..."

"Ruh-roh!  Jughead!   What's that noise?"

"I dunno, Whiney - it sounds like..."



"Shields up!"

"Yip! Yip!  Yip!  Here I come, ready or not!  C'mon, Sissy!"

"I dunno, Suellen - everybody looks a little pissed...!"

"That's because I *am* pissed, you little whippersnappers!" 

"Don't bite me Kiki!  I'll be good, I promise!"  (toes are crossed)

"Okay - this is how you play dead.  Stop that!  It tickles!"

"Come my little padawan.  Let me show you what is in the forest."

"Yes, my master!"

"I can take you!  You're mine, bitch!  Ooo!  Look!  Squirrel!"

"Buffy!  C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon!  You promised you'd take us exploring!"

"How about a demonstration of Jedi Mind Control, you rude little whelp!"

"Yes Mistress!  I obey!"

"All right, let's go.  You've got some more orientating to the demesne to do."

"I'm tellin' ya guys - those puppies'll be the death of us yet!  Thank heavens Buffy the Behemoth pooped 'em out so they're sleepin'!"

"Gad, where do those little hellions find the ener..." SNNNNNNNxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx......


That's a pretty good picture book...

A good story, made even better by Mistress Beth's pics :-) 

Heh - makes me want to watch 'Up' again.

I agree, I think the Armorer could have a second career as a children's picture book author. :)
Heh...if he starts building an ark, I'm heading for Montana.
Gonna be a Dental Floss tycoon.
 I love our farm!