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Ummmm... bacon!



Mine too!  I loves pecans as well as bacon!
Awww, one of natures perfect foods.
Hmmmm... Meat Candy!!!
My fav is bacon fried up with the fat trimmed from the edges, crisp but not too crisp. Kinda still a little bit chewy. Cut the bacon into 2 inch long sections. Dip bacon in melted semi sweet chocolate and sprinkle with cayenne pepper.

That replaced pickled jalapenos dipped in nacho cheese as my "watchin' football" snack.

In the UK they would probably sic the Food Nannies on you for feeding someone that little treat!

Hmmmmm........... doggie treats!!  The kind people who don't have dogs take home in doggie bags.  "What does him have in his pocketses?"
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