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This has been a looooong month.

With a major client deliverable, a hair-lighting ceremony regarding a client website issue, two weekends consumed with Rotary stuff in preparation for becoming dictator-in-chief Head Cat Herder of my club, along with a club project and memorial dedication, a nephew getting married, family visits, and a true existential crisis for a long-time buddy... I'll not be sad to be quit of this month. It's enervating. At least in the Army, there were avenues to expend the tension.  

As our motivational speaker said at the District Conference - celebrate your victories...


...celebrate your victories...

It only took eight minutes for this thread to open!

*tosses handful of confetti skyward*

Well, half of you was...  Still, as Stephenson put it in Cryptonomicon, we are all of us descended from stupendous badass winners, even if that's only so by random chance.