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Educating Kim

Rita was once educated in the proper use of the English Language.  Well, San Diego TV reporter Kimberly Hunt got a different type of education this week.  A primer on scary eeevieel pow-pow thingies, to be percise.  By no means has she mastered her new subject:

(Click on the image as there is no embed code)

If only we can work a bit more on that  "BIG KICK on Those Weapons" that an AR-15 can deliver. I am sure that Spc. Helsper here could give her a pointer or two.  But most definitely *NOT* SSG Tórrez.  Remember he got the dreaded Third Place Trophy.  Any Hoo...

But baby-steps baby-steps, it's a start.



Piffle. In 1971-1972, I used to get trainees who were *afraid* of the recoil from an M-16. First time we went to the Zero Range, I'd borrow the trainee's weapon, extend one arm and fire it like a pistol, then ask the assembled crowd how much "kick" they saw.

Worked like a charm.

Of course, since my left arm was in a cast for about nine months, I *had* to fire it one-handed...
That's nothing, Bill.  My Drills at BCT demonstrated how "safe" the 16 was by placing the butt of the rifle on their nethers and firing off a couple of rounds.  None of the city kids are scared after that.  Personally, I had fired a .30-06, so the .223 had no threat in store for me.

My favorite though, was on the M-203 range.  We got to fire off a couple of paint rounds to get a feel for it, and the Drill said "Hold it in tight, it's going to kick like a twelve gauge."  So I took it serious, braced myself... and was quite disappointed.
Rifle Range was/is 2nd phase in boot camp. By that time, everyone's terrified enough of the Drill Instructors that I doubt it ever crossed any recruits' mind to be afraid of the rifle.

If that woman got any closer to those targets, she could smack them with the plastic butt-stock.

Isn't there a buffer assembly in the butt-stock to reduce the recoil?
Recoil from a 5.56/.223? Be serious.

The first time I fired my Mini-14 the most noticeable thing was the action doing what it does.

If I am not mistaken the AR-15 is heavier so one would expect less precieved recoil, unless the 5.56 is loaded a lot hotter. Guess I'll have to take my evil black rifle to the range and try it out. It is the one "The One"  made me buy right after the election last year.
My drill instructor did the same thing, only he used an M14 on full auto!! 
Remember, the rest of their reporting is held to the same high standards of accuracy and truthfulness.

Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.  Except from the mainstream media, then just ignore it all.
John, I was gritting my teeth halfway thru that video, trying not to shout at the monitor from the sheer stupidity and ignorance they displayed.

The ATF rep didn't help by implying there's a heavy traffic in straw purchases.

...Which reminds me; a commenter on another blog recently said "ATF should be a convenience store, not a government agency." ;)

Since Boq posted this after I left for work, I haven't yet seen the video.
In Yakima Firing centre back in the 80’s, we let some Regular Army US soldiers fire our FNC1’s. We told them to keep their face further back, but they didn’t listen resulting in a few bruised cheeks and eyes. Their old Sergeant major having trained on the M14 showed the youngsters how shooting a Main Battle Rifle was done. He wasn’t in a hurry to give the FN back. He called the M16 a varmint rifle, mind you most of the US ones were pretty beat up at that time.

<mutter mutter> Letting *armed* Canadians roam the streets.  Feh.  Why, you'd think we'd tried to invade them multiple times or something.

Just because the only time we were successful at it was when the French were in charge up north and Brits were running the op....


Hey now! We never invaded Canada. We went to war against British possessions when we were at war with Britain. Heck, Canada didn't even exist until 1867 or so.

Can't hardly invade a country that doesn't exist yet.