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Concealed Open Carrier, Revealed

Monday night, an Open Carry permit holder went to his local pharmacy.  However, instead of carrying his .40 Cal S&W in an open holster, he tucked it inside his waistband.  As fate would have it, two local hoodlums decided to come-in and "play" inside the pharmacy at the same time.

Well, 780 grains of heavy metals latter (you do the math), peace was restored.

Even though, this citizen was in violation of the terms of his Open Carry Permit, the sound mind of his local constabulary prevailed.  Thus, no charges will be levied against him.

Story: HERE



Good man.  Rather face a jury of 12 than be carried to my grave by 6. 
Sadly, his crime stopping, life saving action will probably preclude his getting a concealed carry permit since he will have a violation of his open carry permit terms.

Well done, Citizen!

EVERYONE should get a permit, and carry.  It may be your life or the bad guy's.  Be Prepared.
re: everyone should get a permit and carry - you should tell this to the DC lawmakers...  I feel naked every time I have to go to work...
Good job on his part, hope the deed does not cause him legal issues in the future. We are pushing for CCW up here, it exists as a Authorization To Carry (ATC) and is very hard to get. But we are getting letters into the paper saying Canadians do want CCW and even open carry and use the Stats from the US to show that it does effect crime. A lot of resistance, but the fact we are openly discussing it is an improvement. I almost got my Utah CCW, but they closed the door on Non-resident Aliens getting them before I could apply. Sadly as CCW increases in the US, criminals will start targeting tourist instead, as they know that foreigners won’t be armed.

FYI - Canadian citizens (and other legal aliens) living in WA state are able to apply for an Alien Firearms License - but you need a WA drivers license/ID card to do so.

Forget about getting a Carry Permit here in the People's Republic of Suburban Maryland.  Those things are near to impossible to obtain. 

At least I can still "freely" make use of our 2nd Ammendment.  So as long I do so within the confines of my own home, and so as long I do not own anything too exotic (i.e. plain vanilla 9mm, .38 Spl., Shotgun, etc.), and use not too overly aggressive Ammo (i.e. FMJ, or LRN ogives).

On second thought, I'm not too much freer to make use of my 2nd Ammendment, than the poor folks in D.C.  And speaking of D.C....

A few years ago, while still living in Penna., I found four .22 LR cartridges lying scattered on a parking lot.  I have no idea how they got there, but I picked them-up and dropped them in the cup-holder of my trusty Dodge Neon.  I had them there until just a few weeks ago, when I remembered that D.C. prohibits the free possession of any kind of ammunition.  

And to think of how many times I've driven into The District.  Thank God I was never stopped by D.C. Metropolitan Police, for an traffic infraction.  A quick search of my vehicle would have landed me in the Pokey for sure. Phew!

What I find most interesting about this post is not the story, but the media clip that accompanies it. It is sympathetic to the citizen who took the kind of action that sends the MSM and leftoid politicians into conniptions and provides a perspective that the usual suspects would have utterly ignored if not outright suppressed.

I can't but think this is a kind of "Army of Davids" moment that has the Dan Rathers, Barack Obamas, Bill Mahers and Ward Churchills of this world sweating bullets (pardon the pun). -Attila

I love it when common sense prevails.  That said, I need tips for using a short-barreled pistol for accuracy. 

Ms. Cricket, Ma'am, that is why you have a second hand. ;-}
"Oh well, Chit happens!"
And to think of how many times I've driven into The District.

Not to mention the number of times you took the vacuum cleaner to your Neon's interior...

I do. It is the magnum rounds that give me fits. I am striving for accuracy. But ammo, at 24 dollars a box is too spendy to practice much with.
Cricket -- Do more practice with a .22 handgun that has a similar grip and aim to the self-defense firearm you carry (say 50-100 shots with the .22), then a few rounds (5-10) with that self-defense gun. In a self-defense situation, it's going to be down right rare that you're going to fire more than a handful of rounds. (Someone else can talk to you about reloading.)

"Well done!" to the Citizen. Heads on stakes outside the pharmacy door? Ah, well, can't have everything.

John (Not the A)

    I did some digging and it looks like He was never even arrested! Only listing I can find for him (admittedly from AZ via Web and Internet) is Questioned Witness.  Anyone in LEO know what that means?  Sounds to my non-LEO brain as to that he was not even formally arrested only questioned.  That should not bar him from further permits!
 and he has the self control to just grab nr 2!