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Clueless in the Capitol.

The Secretary has no filter between her brain and her mouth, or is completely irony-challenged...

Secretary Napolitano, who assured us "the system worked" in regard to the "Booty Bomber" now shares this gem with us regarding border enforcement...

"I say this again, as someone who has walked that border, ridden it, flown it and driven it," she said. "I believe it is as secure as it ever has been."

Snerk. Probably true.  However "as secure as it ever has been," isn't a feature, it's a bug.


I'd respond...but I'm not sure wether to laugh, scream or cry....

From the town of Flagstaff, in the high mountians of North Central Arizona, I send you a hearty howdy-do! ( Hola! )  
We may have lost a Governor, but we gained a real peach of a SOHS!  "As secure as it ever has been", Hahahahaha!  I feel better now! 
Ill remember that next time I go shopping with my kid at the local Sears store, the one with her clothes found under the big sign that says "NINAS - girls". 
( I'm not kidding, the signs are in Spanish above, English below )


Yeah, it was as secure as it was ever going to be under *her* administration as governor...
But now, her successor just made it that much more secure.
We are seeing limited increases in drug-related violence in the United States. This has come mainly in the form of cartel operatives committing violence against one another, the kidnappings of those involved in the drug trade or their family members, and assaults on Border Patrol agents by those attempting to bring illegal drugs into the country. Mexican drug cartels maintain drug-distribution networks, or supply drugs to distributors, in at least 230 American cities, leading the Justice Department to call Mexican drug cartels the 'greatest organized crime threat to the United States'.
A large number of weapons recovered in Mexico's drug war are smuggled illegally into Mexico from the United States. Clearly, stopping this flow must be an urgent priority.

-- Janet Napolitano, 25 March, 2009: Testimony before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on Southern Border Violence.

So, in her own words, there's an *increase* in the flow of drugs, druggies, and murderous thugs moving north across the border and weapons moving south -- yet the border is "secure"...

I'll bet she thinks a sieve makes a great teapot, too.
Bill, she used the word 'limited.'  How does she define a limited increase?  Isn't that an oxymoron?

She is knee-jerking in response to her successor's law.  How dare you use her words against her!
"I believe it is as secure as it ever has been."

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
"I say this again, as someone who has walked that border, ridden it, flown it and driven it,"

She left unstated that she did it surrounded by bodyguards, each and every time.

The border wasn't secure, Honeybunch -- *you* were.

How does she define a limited increase?

Probably as, "Nobody in my gated community has been killed."

Sorry, John, but I think what I heard this morning has you beat on "Clueless in the Capitol".  Via my local, conservative morning talk show host, Nick Reed (eh, he's no VDJ, but still good):  Claire McCaskill has either no brain or no soul, because no one with both of those could spout this insanity.  I suggest downloading it so you can skip over to 4:10 where her clip starts, and it runs through 8:50.  Over four and a half minutes of sheer, unmitigated hypocrisy without so much as a hint of understanding or caring about her own guilt to every charge she levels from "on high" at the poor guy.

A quote to end:  "You understand the crebibility gap that exists in this hearing, I assume, by now."  Wow, what do you say to that?

Oh, close enough to on topic for blogwork, Cortillaen.

Claire-bear was instrumental in coniving and lying about the ebryonic stem cell amendment here in Missouri four years ago. I remember hearing her spout a load of garbage about how it absolutely forbade human cloning to produce embryonic cells. What she didn't say was that the amendment redefined cloning so it was only cloning if the cloned embryo was implanted back into a womb. What a two-faced #$%&@ (that shouldn't violate the rulez unless someone decrypts it.)

Janet's right.  The border is as secure as it's ever been.  And that ain't good.  At the risk of sounding like a SNL sketch, I can see Mexico from my backyard.  Some stretches of the desert look like an entire division marched across it.  I'm considering air-dropping maps to San Francisco, specifically directing all illegal border crossers of all nationalities to Madam Pelosi's house.  You want 'em Nan, you can feed 'em.  We won't anymore.

Steve, I remember that debacle.  In my little corner of the state, the general mood on the subject was abject disgust when it came out exactly  how she was lying.  Jericho gave her a good trashing, too, as I recall.  Kinda makes one sad to be a MO native, but plenty of other states have it just as bad.