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Caption Contest (Go Go Girl Edition)

I wonder what favors Cpl. Pham had to pull, to get tasked with this detail?



"Am I overdressed?"

The Mobile Happy Clap Clinic for local ladies in the Morale Improvement Industry.
Short Arm Inspector...Short Arm Inspector?? I thought the Captain said Short bad can this be anyway?
"Does this gear make my chest look big?"

Go on ,  Laugh.   But she is so beautiful.  Carlota told me I was special.  I know she will be here for me.  As soon as her shift is over, she will come.  You will see and then you will think how truly lucky I am.  Then you will be sorry you too do not know someone as beautiful as Carlota. And your feelthy jokes will dry on your tongue and make you choke. 


"I sense a disturbance in the Force...B**BQUAKE!"

It was either this or inspect the incoming chicken shipments at the commissary.