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25 April, 1980. Disaster at Desert One...

The opening of the long-running war with Iran (which seemingly only the Iranians acknowledge, explicitly, as a war)
. TA 1980 photo depicts an helicopter wreck (RH-53D Sea Stallion) at Desert One in Iran during Operation Eagle Claw, 25 April 1980
Operation Eagle Claw highlighted flaws in joint planning and execution that resulted in the establishment of USSOCOM and an increased emphasis, as embodied in the Goldwater-Nichols Act, of Jointness in the training and experience of officers, especially those destined for higher command.

There were some familiar names present at Desert One.  The legendary Colonel Charlie Beckwith, and young Majors (later General) Peter Schoomaker and (later LTG)  William Boykin.

But today we'll concern ourselves with those who completed their military careers that day:
USAF: MAJ Harold L. Lewis 
            MAJ Richard L. Bakke 
            MAJ Lyn D. McIntosh,
           CPT Charles T. McMillan II
           TSG Joel C. Mayo

USMC: SSG Dewey L. Johnson 
              SGT John D. Harvey
             CPL George N. Holmes, Jr

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam of the fallen of Desert One.


And these fallen warriors are the essential reason for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which came from the original fund created to provide for the education of the 17 children of these men.  A worthy organization, indeed.
May they rest in peace.  A noble objective and a flawed plan, but, you have to try, even if you suspect the plan is wrong. Maybe you can pull it out anyway. Whatever, they dared, and died. Let us honor them, and those who lived, for their honest efforts in a good cause.
P.s. Reminds me of Pickett's Charge. I damn betcha every participant in that one knew it was a long chance, and prolly wouldn't work, but was willing anyway.