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What's this Whatziss? Part Deux...

...*and* it's in context!

Now, for those of you who just got here

*waving hiya at the weekend visitors*

and jumped to the picture without actually reading the text, expecting to see another pic of one of John's bullet launchers, and have bactracked to the header in utter confusion and bewilderment (much like an independent voter who opted for HopenChange a lifetime sixteen months ago), take a quick trip here for the first pic.

No hurry. I'll wait.

And for those of you who have already seen the first pic, hang on to your socks, because I already know what your reaction's gonna be --

"ZOMG! It's not really pink!"

Can I call 'em, or what?

Yes, Saker, you may now commence with panic and pandemonium.

I know, I know. I even out-squished John with this one, huh?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
In the interest of being completely open and transparent and since C-SPAN wasn't around for the coverage, I hereby state that I washed my hands afterwards.


Wind sock, liked the Hertz-Marconi better tho...

Partially buried VS-17 signal panel?
Burn bag?
Nope and nope.
You claim to have washed your hands afterwards, so I'm guessing it has something to do with sex?

And I'm not allowed to have anything to do with sex over here.

Except talk about it.

A lot.
Something for scale would have been nice as it is difficult to gage what you were standing on to take the picture...but...whatever MRE came in that thing should have been labeled toxic.

But first impression was on a line with Grimmy as the thing looks like a Gumint issue from a PRO Kit. Sugarbuttons Size.
Pilot relief bag...for those long trips of lots of sand...
Something for scale would have been nice

Yeah, it sure would have, wouldn't it?

it is difficult to gage what you were standing on to take the picture..

Ummmmm -- my feet?

Aaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah! It's a half-burnt-trash-bag-that-is-disappointingly-not-pink! Aaaaaaah! *runs in circles in utter confusion*

I'm going with a sea anchor.   From a life raft.  Maybe.

Looks a bit like a parachute from a parachute flare.  Or a condom from the Clinton Library...
One of those kites that look like fish or dragons or whatever.
Hey wait...hey're hiding the 4 prong metal thingy. And after checking, there is nothing to tie off on and no leads to connect to so why is it hidden now. A bit deceitful there. The size is driving me nuts.

Is this something a gay proctologist from San Fran would use?
Are we talking about the little  chute that pulls out the drag chute?

@TheSnake, you talk about  "The Clinton Condom", I need a clarification. Are you talking interior or exterior?

@Fish, it appears to be way too short for your proctologist friend.
Maybe it's a pilot's emergency cammie system? He places it over his head. He can't see them so they can't see him.









It isn't what the Whatziss *is* that makes it unique -- it's what it's used as.

And since nobody other than the locals seems to know what it is -- except those of us gringos who were curious enough to find out who uses it and ask 'em *why* -- I'm gonna ease your pain and tell you what it is.


Along with what makes it a Whatziss.


Saker -- take a break from Panic and Pandemonium Mode. Yer makin' Fishmugger dizzy...
My real guess isn't much polite. I'll try to word it properly though.

Is it a vag condom for male senior SNCOs of the REMF tribe? You know the type. The ones that go around giving guff to grunts that just got in off patrol outside the wire for not being properly REMF dressed?

But, you're on a zoomie base aint yeh? Do you have grunts in your local AO?
Well, it's probably big enough for that purpose, Grimmy, but nope. Not absorbent enough for the other use, either.

It's an Air Base within a FOB, and we've got grunts, MPs, MI, tankers, engalineers, Cav, medicos, MITTs, DoS, SF, IT, mechanics of all types, the UN, Secret Squirrels, and contractors of all types from Name Brand companies here. One third "Army" area, one third USAF, and one third Iraqi AF and Army.

And a Pizza Hut and a Green Beans coffee shack. Neither of which I've been to in about two years.

No TGI Fridays, no Starbucks, no Barnes & Noble coffeehouses, though -- gotta go to Baghdad where the im-*po*-tant folks live for that.
UN?!? Ewww.
The Chicken Heart That Ate New York City?

Either that or henna rinse.
Well it's made out of plastic. It has a rigid structure on one end that appears to be composite or plastic frame work that keeps the unit "open" It's definitely a plastic of some kind. Appears to be slightly glossy and that usually means weather resistant (not all plastics are y'know) It has at least 2 seams. And thats interesting. because if it was just a simple funnel only one seam would be needed. But sometimes seams are used to help add shape to something, or for the addition of more rigid poles like a tent It also has a fair quantity of dirt on it. So its been out a bit or its heavy enough that Bill needed to drag it. Also the color seems to naturally fade from one side to the other, which indicates it was either made that way, or one side is concealed from the sun. I'm going to say it's a solar water collector, the in ground portion.
It's made out of paper, although I thought it might be plastic when I first picked it up to move it out of the puddle, which is why it's glossy. It *is* slightly weather resistant (it gets soggy, but doesn't fall apart when you touch it).

The only rigid part is wire, not plastic, and it has four seams.

And its discoloratin is from soot.

And mud.

And getting wet -- it ain't colorfast.

Don't think *solar*, think *stellar*.

I'm *such* a squish.
I got nothin...