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What's this Whatziss?

New, improved, and with 100% less cat hair!

Do I post pix of the cutaway interior of the bolt from an 1887 Frambois-Chardon .455 caliber needle pistol once carried into battle by a matrilineal descendant of Mitterand's chambermaid?


Do I post pix of the surface of the breech-locking mechanism of a Parrot Gun that were taken with an electron scanning microscope?


Do I post pix of weird and arcane components from the cockpit of obsolete, one-off, battle-damaged helicopters?


Oh. Wait. Ummmmmmm, ignore that one.

But do I give you *color* other than the centuries-old patina of milled steel or Blends-With-Pet-Hairs™ Berber?


I figured that, since it's Friday, I'd give you an easy one so you could spend the weekend chortling about how I'm getting as squishy as John...

Metaphorically speaking, of course.


Marconi-Hertz field deployable spark transmitter low profile ground antenna and marker panel, MkI Mod III,
Nup, they only used those at Song Ong Doc, Ca Mau, and Long Xuyen in 1969 - 1970. This one is newer...

Meh.  That looks like an old anti-shoplifting gizmo!

And since when did a Parrot rifle have a breech locking mechanism?  Oh, sure, I might post a pic of the breech-hoop *shrinking* mechanism, but since the Parrots were muzzle-loaders, I certainly wouldn't have posted a picture of the non-existent breech-locking mechanism.

Even I'm not that mean. [pulls wing off fly just to watch it fly in circles]
That Anti Haemorroidal Device looks possitively scary.
Whatever it is, it looks like you tried to catch it on fire with a carelessly laid ceegar. I'm talking about the part of the whacumacallit that's facing the lower right corner, of course.
I have no idea what that battered-looking gizmo is, but I approve the lovely rose background.
I recognize it as the thing you always leave behind but without which your unit can't operate so that it has been equipped with a "rose colored" parachute so that it can be air dropped to you when you figure out that once again you left behind that thing that you always leave behind but without which you unit can't operate.

Mark3, mod 7 USN version, of course.
"And since when did a Parrot rifle have a breech locking mechanism?"

You have apparently forgotten the late 19th Century, when the Tuttle Arms Conglomerate reworked Parrot rifles and installed breech mechanisms to compete with Krupp in a Polish Army contract.

Krupp cheated and incorporated into their new design some kinda equilibrator thingie.

equilibrator (ēkwil´ibrātur).n an instrument or device used in achieving or maintaining a state of equilibrium.

Tuttle Arms was never really able to achieve equilibrium.

As to the object in the photo.. it is obviously a lead seal clamped to the wires as an anti-tamper devise. Whatever is in the faded red package it is sealing .... God only knows.
And since when did a Parrot rifle have a breech locking mechanism?

It was right about the time that matrilineal descendant of Mitterand's chambermaid carried the 1887 Frambois-Chardon .455 caliber needle pistol into battle. I thought you *knew* all that stuff.

I have no idea what that battered-looking gizmo is

Saker, neither did anybody else in your line of work.

There was panic and pandemonium amongst 'em until I told them *what* it was, *who* used it, and *why* they used it.
Either curtains for Bill's digs or a wounded kite for a radio relay transponder thingy.
I think we had one of those at Ben Keo, but with the purple panel
Air-dropped sensor of some sort?  Though the "lovely rose" cloth argues against that... at least from a stealthiness standpoint.
Which brings to mind - met radiosonde parachute?
You can let Jim out of the rabbit hole, John.

He's still stuck on *your* Whatziss... old anti-shoplifting gizmo?


Air-dropped sensor of some sort?


- met radiosonde parachute?


Either curtains for Bill's digs or a wounded kite for a radio relay transponder thingy.

It may be curtains for me, period, when I tell you what it is.

Then, again, maybe not.

Looks like a standard phone jack with 10 gauge wire ran through it as a junction point
Aerial view of the "fixed roof" from the Honey-do list Mk 2,345, otherwise known as a faded tarp with a used Jesus Nut as a counterweight and rope anchor.
I'm good. The wabbits tossed me out of the wabbit hole chanting "no lemmings allowed".

That said.... on this Whathehellisit ... I got nuttin, only the thought that it is something that someone stuck in some remote and sandy place might have spotted in the back of some dusty supply storage thingie left over from years back looked at for days and finially figgured out what it was and decided to torture the rest of humanity with?

Run on sentence? Of course, kinda like a run on Whatziss
I see that Unkabill didn't disspell my angle that it was some sort of *er* medical device.
  Easy, it's a freemistat. Heart of a disgromificater my uncle built in his tool shed. Any one can get that one.
I see that Unkabill didn't disspell my angle that it was some sort of *er* medical device.

You're gonna have *fun* with pic numbah two.

Oooooooh, yes, you *are*...

Focus. folks. It's real easy. Just turn the camera to "Manual" mode and use the pushbuttons to manually focus the damned thing. I don't know of any digital that doesn't have the capability, even cheapo ones.

Damn. here's an idea, I'll take a picture of the Hindenburg, in a funhouse mirror, on fire, with herbert Morrison's overlarge backside mostly obliterating it and say 'There! What's that!"

The fun of a whatsis is in taking a perfectly sharp, clear, in focus picture of an object that absolutely everyone has seen, and framing it in such a way that nobody knows what it is and feels like an idiot when it's revealed.  I don't feel adequately like an idiot when I'm asked to identify, based on the cylinder alone, a type of revolver that only seven people in the known universe have even seen. I want to see a picture of a 1911 Sear Disconnect, but only the thin edge, sillouetted against a cloudy sky so it looks like a piece of an aircraft, and guess and guess at it's purpose or function, until it is revealed that it is not in fact the leading edge of an X wing fighter, but a steel bit just over an inch long.

Then and only then, will I feel adequately like the idiot I know myself to be.

let's make a little effort, folks. it's no big deal to stump people with stuff that stumps the experts.
(tongue appropriately in cheek,lest anyone think I was being snarky-mean, I'm just beig snarky-smartass)
There were sufficient clues in that cylinder shot to make it identifiable (as it got... oh, identified pretty early on...). 

If I tossed out a Webley cylinder they would have gotten that one fairly quickly, but where's the fun in that?

Be careful what you wish for, boyo.

And I think this one was a good collective effort, as well as a useful example of groupthink in action.

And there are what, 5-6 more people in the world who are now more expert on an not-insignificant weapon in the continuum of German pistols.

So there.

Now, as applies to Bill here, you're spot-on.
It's the static line release for the new "green" (as in 'no trees were harmed in the making of') blister crates for the post-DADT extraction smoke grenades of the Cat-Fighting 69th REBF's.
Hey. I'm the one who guessed the fuse gauge. It's more fun to be made a fool of with common devices. The zigzag on the cylinder of a webley-fosbury is immediately recognizeable to all.

Well, all six of us that have heard of them.

BTW I have a Forehand and Wadsworth on my desk with a cylinder that is a dead ringer for that one.
To include the browned finish and cut-out cylinder face?

Not that there aren't F&W pistols that are very similar... but not quite the same.
Attention all personnel on this post: Alarm-arm-arm MAGENTA! Alarm-arm-arm MAGENTA!

The blog has been cross-threaded.

All personnel make an immediate comment about anything other than obsolete wheelguns.

Alarm-arm-arm MAGENTA! Alarm-arm-arm MAGENTA!

Hey!  The Mars and the Lancaster are *not* wheelguns.  Just sayin'.
Soooo, you're admitting that the Webley and the Mauser *are*.

Ummmmm -- come to think of it, they would be even without your admission.

Case dismissed.
John loves wheelguns. He is laboring right now to change his gyropistol from mag fed to cylinder fed.
Bill...that thing is very is difficult to look at for very long. But, what are the "Letters" for: R, F, Y. Was this thing used to spell something naughty?
Gee, Fishwhacker, do *you* know any naughty words with "R F Y" in them?
The rulz committee would ban me for a long time, but the first word would be the last name of the Senate Majority Leader and the "F" "Y" would connote my feelings right now.
Okay, just the "R" would qualify, in that case.

No need to murder innocent electrons with redundancy...
Aaaaaaaack, suspense! Tell us already, so I can panic and pandemonium too!

R.F.Y.?  Easy...

The socialists, er, Democrats say it all the time.  Actions speak louder than words.

R.  Republic(ans)?

F. F*ck

Y. You.

Now, how hard was that?