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Update on the Castle Technical

Finally, a spanking-new court-ordered VIN, and she's licensed and stickered, and the weather was decent yesterday, so SWWBO and I took her for a spin to get some gas.

Since she (the jeep, well, heck, SWWBO too) predates seatbelts, she (the jeep) has none. She also doesn't have any turn signals. Or doors. Heh. I just realized SWWBO doesn't either (and that I'm spending tonight out in the barn). Or door straps (actually I have some straps I'm going to install). It was SWWBO's first time in such a beast, and she took it pretty well, hanging out there in the breeze.
She needs some work, but she's a better runner than I am.  And I'm pretty certain she's the only anti-tank capable jeep in the state.


Nice field-expedient travel-lock on that RR... 8^)
Did the DMV check the reckless rifle for proper operation before it passed inspection?
My uncle restores military vehicles in New Hampshire and has (or at least had) a Korean War vintage Jeep with the RR mounted.
I know I may get heat for this but if you put one of those temporary "farm vehicle" symbols on the back, wouldn't that negate any problems with DMV about doors, or seat belts or turn signals? Just tell the cops you're a Quaker or something.
FM - here in Kansas at least, the vehicle is only required to have original equipment as of the date of manufacture.  The Technical is all original in that regard, so she's street-legal.  I've registered her as an antique vehicle, which means I'm not supposed to use her as primary transportation, which I have no intention of doing.  Parades, displays, and drive her into work now and then just to watch people drool as she tootles on by.

The only exception is that if a vehicle has seatbelts that were installed later, once installed, the must remain, i.e., you can't backdate a vehicle that had seatbelts to a no-seatbelt configuration.

Heh. Given the nature of the jeep, I'm not sure that seatbelts would matter that much, absent a roll cage.

The jeep is legal as she is.  It's on me to remember to use hand and arm signals (and hope that younglings know what they mean) and to remember that  the brake/taillights on this thing are very dim - so keep my reflectors clean.
Cool. Topless, the only way to go.

We need to get your M37 out in the sunlight, Prestonius.

Considering lack of safety features, with SWWBO in the navigator seat, it will take a gentle hand and a light foot to keep the Technical on the straight and narrow. Just be careful when signaling a left turn you don't loose your arm to a big SUV not paying attention.

With the boom-boom antitank mount, the only street around here that it would be "street-legal" on is in Camden, NJ.

Oh safe...and check your 6...people would want to get a close look.
I've got a 2009 Rubicon and a 1955 CJ3B.  Nothing compares to a vintage Jeep, topless, doorless, even the bikers give it appreciative looks.  I installed seatbelts though, MRS D won't ride without them.  Hmmmm.....
True on the biker thing - passed two of them yesterday and got flick-waves.
I can't tell...57mm or 75mm?

We actually dug one of the 75mm variety out of a cache a couple months back.
M18 57mm.  If it was the 75mm, it would be a lot longer over the windshield.  I'll put up some more pics.
Roll cage, eh? I wonder if one would have saved my Marine uncle who broke his neck and died in a single-jeep accident in WWII.  A lot of "war casualties" are really industrial accidents. I'll not speak of how he was probably driving when that happened; I don't know, but judging from what I know of the guys on that side of the family...
I sent a link to the Marine!Goth.   He reports back:

>>OMG, Mom.  And this guys lives WHERE?   Think he'd trade st8 up for the 'mero?

John, you've impressed another younger buck LOL.  That's his IROCZ vintage Camero that he's willing to trade.  I do notice, however, that the 1971 442 Cutlass convertiable is not in play. 
Tell the Marine!Goth he's welcome to visit, including the basement.  And he can have a ride.  I might even let him drive the jeep, after I drain the gas tank to less than a quart.

But we'll be checking his pockets as he leaves.

He is a Marine, after all.  They tend to have sticky fingers when they're around Army-owned kit.
John, they feel like they have to do that, the way the Navy treats them. And it's not really theft, just informally moving government property to where it's more useful. 
The IROC wouldn't tempt me, but a 1971 442? Hmmmm...

Er, John; which barn did you say the technical was parked in? ;)

The one where the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal lives.