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Things That Make Ya Go, "Hmmmmmmm..."

So, the weekend project here at the Castle is moving the Castle Technical from it's temporary parking spot in the Big Dusty Barn o' Argghhh!, where the big-assed (literally) Pea Fowl poop in/on it (the Technical is under a tarp, but they still sneak under it) from the rafters above to its new home in the garage.

This entails moving some of the items looted from the Auld Soldier's Homestead to their new locations, relocating the kiln, shifting some tables (now you know one of the many reasons why there's a New Building coming - though that is a post for a different time) and sundry other changes so that the Technical may ease into her new berthing space, and gain a respite from the Foul Fowl of Argghhh!.  Besides, it's a much more comfortable a place to do needful maintenance, as it's climate-controlled, and will reduce the environmental stress on the old girl, too.

'Sides, I can ogle her daily on the way to and from work.

Of course, there is the downside that SWWBO is going to have to find a new space for the Goat Infirmary.  Probably the kitchen, like last Thanksgiving.

So, I open up the big doors to the barn, preparatory to moving the Polaris Ranger so that I can fire up the Technical and take her out for a late-winter bath, and I'm confronted with an arresting sight.

There's a guinea standing on the zero-r lawnmower, holding forth.  Loudly.  There is a wedge-shaped crowd of chickens and guineas, all facing the squawker, seemingly mesmerized by awesome oratory.  The oratorical guinea cocks its head at me with a worried look - and then squawks, "Butt-CRACK!  Butt-CRACK!  Butt-CRACK!"* all the while pointing at me with a wing... and the other birds give me The Eye.

Huh. Nuthin' but tenders and wings, I'm thinking.  I move the Ranger, fire up the Technical (which fires up nice and quick, not bad after sitting for a month since I last turned her engine over) and pull the Technical out for a bath.

What's the point?

Animal Farm.  If we drop off the 'net without explanation, someone come out and see if the inmates are running the asylum....

The only part I exaggerated was the pointing wing.


*Some people assert the guinea's call sounds like, "Buck-WHEAT, Buck-WHEAT" but that's pure hokum to get past the censors.

They're saying "Butt-CRACK" anytime they see someone they don't know.  Or, perhaps, that they know too well.


Okay, the outhouse is named after ry and the barn is named after Dusty?

Got it.
Oooof...I need a nap just reading about all the work you have to do. I'll also have to ask one of my older relatives what your Italian chicken is trying to say.
It's only been about 3 decades or so since I was around guineas, but you are right, that IS exactly what they are saying.  With heavy stress and about an octave higher on the "CRACK."

Since I was literally quite the youngerster at the time, though, and living a very sheltered life, that phrase never occurred to me at the time.
Heh.  The last time I saw guinea fowl was back in MO.  They were *quite* concerned about getting back into their pen, and kept running around in circles while missing the open gate that would have led them to their food, shelter and water.

Silly birds.
They...kept running around in circles while missing the open gate that would have led them to their food, shelter and water.

That's their ambulatory anti-predator defensive tactic which is the birdbrained-version of the Lufbery Circle, Mizz Cricket.

But with guineafowl, it's more like the Teaberry Shuffle...
That's horrible, sir.

Pooping all over your vehicle, saying rather rude things to you... it really does sound like you might have a fowl uprising underway. :D
Nothing will come of it, Saker. They're too chicken to do more than squawk.
Put some "chicken wire" around it and barricade them off.
Dumb guineas. Yah, I know, "Racist!"