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Stick this quote in your wallet... that every time you encounter a Lefty decrying TEA Party "thugs" acting inappropriately, you can read this to him/her...

...I want to spit on them, take one of their "Obama Plan White Slavery" signs and knock every racist and homophobic tooth out of their Cro-Magnon heads.



At least Cro-magnons are higher up on the evolutionary scale than Neanderthals...

Even if a Neanderthal throwback I know of, is currently living in NE Kansas.....
When did you move, Kevin?

I can't figure if I want to laugh at, or hammer on, the quisling weak-sucks that still believe there's any benefit to playing nice in our current political divide.

The lines haven't been this clearly dug in and entrenched since 1860.
Very nice.

Forty years ago, they *were* spitting, so that sentiment isn't new.

Of course, they described the target of their bile as racist, murdering, baby-burning cowards rather than as as racist, homophobic, Obamaplan haters. And *they* were the ones waving the signs.

Troop [to escorting MP]: "Hey, Sarge, we don't need you to protect us from *them*."

MP: "I'm not here to protect you from them. I'm here to protect *them* from *you*."

Buuuuut I digress.

It takes that type a while to work himself up into a state where he actually closes with his target to launch the lunger, because he figures his righteous rage will render him invulnerable. They are easily disabused of that notion.

There's a 60-something white guy limping around the SF area with a flat nose he received, oh, forty years ago this coming November. Betcha he hasn't spit on another GI ever since, and I *guarantee* he never made the mistake of trying to sucker-punch one again.

Just my thoughts on the matter.