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POTUS visits Afstan

Giving an Army helo crew a very rare distinction.

As Heartless Lib reports from "Somewhere in Afghanistan:"

No, I didn't get to see him.

But I will note that his transit between Kabul and Bagram was not done with USMC helos, but Army ones belonging to 3rd CAB, the "Wings of the Marne."

So for two short flights, that one lucky bird had the rarely used callsign of "Army One."
And they didn't break the airplane, they delivered their cargo, and they get to swagger just a teeny bit more - which will be to make up for all the abuse they'll take from their fellow aviators, who will denigrate and downplay in direct proportion to the green glow in their eyes.


I'm happy for them.  I don't think Army Aviation always gets the credit it deserves so Army 1 for a day is cool.
It's not a first, but it's a sho' nuff rarity. In fact, I think the only thing rarer would be Civil Air Patrol One.
I'm surprised to see that the usual suspects didn't jump on this post to either a. praise/snark Army Aviation or b.  comment on the speech His Oneness gave.  Hmmm...
It's early in the day yet, Oldloadr.  This a new spelling of your nic, btw?
It's a typo.  I killed my cookies and fat fingered the reload.
3rd CAB... hmmmm....
I will have to check that out.  Tori's a Marne pilot.
Through the thermal cam, it was a Sh*thook and what appeared to be a Crashhawk.  Not sure which one had the High Value Cargo.
HL -- The Smackhawk. Chit-Hook carried the SS and DoS entourage.

I'm surprised to see that the usual suspects didn't jump on this post

Front page of today's Stars 'n' Lies chirps "Obama rallies troops" beneath a pic of three rows of a mix of troops and suits in the Bagram DFAC, and, in para two, notes that "Seldom does a U.S. leader devote more than 24 hours flying to and from a war zone to spend only six hours on the ground."

Given that most of those six hours were devoted to Obie urging Karzai to increase the transparency of his administration and stop hiring cronies, can you say "photo op"...?
BilT - You have to give it to His Oneness, he may be all the things we think he is, But he has a shiny set of brass balls, don't he?
Awww...kewlness prevails and you guys did your jobs.  The Left will say that the troops are now happy, as opposed to being puppy-kicking baby killers under the Bush aegis.

Funny how your morale has been raised (among the Left) by Obama's visit, but if Bush did it, 'troops discouraged' and 'troubled.'

Ya think?

When was it, 74? 75? ... that the Marines took over the VH-3 fleet? Prior to that, the Army was the service driving the Presidential helos.
The duties were shared by the Army and Marines until '76, when the Marines took over the franchise in a palace coup.

"Marines took over the franchise in a palace coup. "

Those who guard the palace......

Though that is an unfair smear.  One of our most highly decorated and regarded Commandants actually refused to lead a coup attempt against FDR and turned the conspirators in.

Who was he?  Why Commandant Smedley Butler, he of the prophetic "War is a racket" fame.  Well worth the reading, and easily found on the net for those so inclined.

Just a little bit of history that folks may not remember.

Next up on American military trivia you were never taught about... The Bonus Army.

Kevin, you have as bad a sense of humor as Dusty does when it comes to interservice snarkage.