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The Trololó Twins

Going around the Internet, is the newly rediscovered Trololó Man.  Properly known as Edward Hill, a Russian bard from the 1970's.

But I can´t help but notice, the strong resemblance with this other man:

Are they one in the same, or separated at birth, I wonder.  Either way, it would help explain many things about that quirky Ohio Congressman.  Any ideas out there, on how to explain this conundrum?



 Kucinich is such an odd little gnome of a man.
I see the photographer cruelly placed Kucinich in a gutter and then placed a dime on the curb...
"Kucinich is such an odd little gnome of a man."

Troll is more like it.  LOL
let me be  little nitpicky here, for several reasons:
1. Edouard Hill' is from my home town, Leningrad-St.Peterburg
2. "Bard" means a person who performs his own lyrics, Edouard Hill' is "just" a singer
Now to your comparison:
1.  Edouard Hill's is a VERY talented singer, as you had seen/heard yourself ( try to do all this without words and suitable backdrop and without looking too stupid :o))
      This POS Kucinich can't not look stupid even if his life depended on it
2. Edouard Hill' has always made his living by working - singing for money, you do not sing, you do not have money, unlike this POS Kucinich
So, my final word:
Even if a joke, please, do not compare him to this POS Kucinich, it is a grave  insult!!
And that was just the Baroness being nit-picky, Boq.

You don't wanna see her when she's *torqued*...
She's really torqued, because her english is usually better'n this (and ours).  The accent slipped in this time!  Be wary, Boq, the weight of the Russian Steppe is bearing down on you!

The Red Storm will be in full fury, when I attend the MILBLOG Meet. ;-)
In my opinion, Mr. Hill did a *superb* job of enrapturing the audience sufficiently to keep them from noticing the backdrop was taped lengths of brown paper and the set was composed of suspension springs from a JS-II.

Tom Jones has *no* idea what a near thing it was...
He has been my favourite since I was a child [pouts]  :o)

Boq, do look me up at the Milblog  :o)
Wow...we're going upscale...a Baroness. Do we curtsy or something?
I've practiced flouncing quite a bit.. but it's been a long time since I've curtsied!
Fortunately, there's the Internet!

Study Teh Won's classic curtsy and observe the masterful back flip of the leg.
The first thing we have to do at the Ernest Hemingway Salon on Friday is sing a rousing round ot Trolololó :-()
My first thought, isn't that the guy that hawks Enzyte (or some such Male Enhancement stuff) on late night TV?

Yes, its a sick image. Now we know why Kucinich looks like that.
Me gusta mucho este post! #Trololo

-M.L.T.- who posted a comment twitter style