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Once more into the Whatzis breach...


This is really pretty definitive, as it shows a second unique feature of this wheelgun. If you are catching up, click here.


Definitely a Reichsrevolver, as someone hazarded the first day...

I'd say a German M. 1883 Military Reichs Revolver, like this one:

Yeah, a German M. 1883 Reichs Revolver.  My previous post with link is being held.
It isn't the 1883, its the 1879.  Notice the fluting on the cylinder.
At least I believe the fluting differed between the 1879 and 1883.  The 1879 looks standard, while the 1883 has a different conical shape to it...although I could be wrong.  I probably need to relook the two variants.  I think barrel length is the other differing factor between the two.
Whatever it is I bet one of those guys in the movie "Those Magnificent Men and Their Flying Machines” would have carried.

Already I know John's follow up question .... "Who owned this particular one?"
Indeed, Neffi.  I was surprised that everybody kept running down the rabbit holes after Kirk got it.
I think you're right, Kirk. Thanks!
Dammit, Jim.  Yer good.  So, who did own this particular one, smart-ass?
I thought you would never ask John. A lot of people think that this weapon was originally owned by Kaiser Von Donavan. Not so. The original owner was a young servant of Kaiser Von Tuttle named Wilhelm. He intercepted it on the way from the manufacturer to the Kaiser and became, however illicitly the defacto owner of the weapon. Young Wilhelm assumed (yea we know what that means) the name of his master the Kaiser Von Tuttle, and wandered the back alleys of pre WW1 Europe.
Mostly he was found to frequent beer halls and houses of ill repute. Late one night he involved himself in yet another gambling session wherein he lost the weapon to Kaiser Von Donovan concubine Joyce.
From there it was handed down from generation to generation … till several generations dropped it, and it finally ended up in a gun show in some Army Town in Kansas.
And now it has had it’s 15 minutes of fame. By the way I would be careful shooting that thing.
Actually, it was a gun show by KCI that SWWBO made me go to, but, close.

As for shooting it - it's in good shape, caliber equivalent to .44 Russian, and with black powder, should be plenty safe to shoot.
gun show by KCI that SWWBO made me go to

Well, John, we all have our crosses to bear.  Since MrsJL has graciously allowed us to spend the money to go see SarahCuda next month, I think I won't push my luck about attending any gun shows.
Hey, when she bought me a machine gun for Christmas, *before* we were married, I knew she was The One.  And when she bought me another one the Christmas *after* we were married, well...  I Chose Well.
Me thinks thou hast a Velo-Dog, .25 caliber...
Kaiser Von Tuttle?

You picked a cognomen from the only non-Scandanavian Western European country I *don't* claim kindred in.

Except, of course, for Belgium.

Or Holland.

Or Luxembourg.

Or Austria.

Or Switzerland.


Never mind. Forget that I even brought it up. In fact, I probably shouldn't even stick this in the

Okay, so the guys got it right on day one-it's a Reichsrevolver.
Well actually Bill I thought  you were still asleep.

Main Entry: cog•no•men
Pronunciation: \käg-ˈnō-mən, ˈkäg-nə-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural cognomens or cog•no•mi•na \käg-ˈnä-mə-nə, -ˈnō-\
Etymology: Latin, irregular from co- + nomen name — more at NAME
1 : SURNAME; especially : the third of usually three names borne by a male citizen of ancient Rome — compare NOMEN, PRAENOMEN
2 : NAME; especially : a distinguishing nickname or epithet
cog•nom•i•nal \käg-ˈnä-mə-nəl\ adjective

Ya made me look that up.  In any case that story was John's fault. He threw down the 'Smart A**" gauntlet.
And, clearly, the "smart" part was a misnomer.

Oh, and you whine like a House Democrat.
Hey - at least *my* Rep read the bill before she voted against it.

How'd yours do?
As you know … Dennis the Mooreon quit way before this round started. He has obviously negotiated a new job for next fall … way back when the crowds started forming outside his office with signs.

He is now nothing more than a ZOMBIE. That’s why the 3rd District Race is so wide open. The latest speculation is that his wife plans to run. As of yet I am told that no one has even filed as a Dem candidate.

With 8 contenders in the Repub primary …. It is possible that someone could win with some insane number like 26% of the vote.

You gotta love a donnybrook.

"Donnybrook was once the location of Donnybrook Fair, a fair held from the time of King John onwards, that gave rise to the term a donnybrook, meaning a brawl or fracas. Donnybrook is also the traditional home of rugby union in Leinster."
That jeep I bought was proudly touted as "Dennis Moore's personal parade jeep," which is interesting, since the previous owner is a hardline Republican.

That said, I changed the canvas on the passenger side...
Good move.

Did somebody mention.... "Dennis Moore"?

"Your lupins please!"

So this is one of those revolvers much beloved by bad crime writers - the ones where the hero slips the safety off on his revolver.  Only outdone by the heroes who cock their 1911 to further threaten the bad guys.
Funny that the Monty Python people picked that particular name to tag a total bafoon with.

Absolutely inspired.
Just hearing on 980 that Moore's wife is indeed fixing to run for that.

Either he likes the atmosphere in the DC Cocktail circuit and wants to stay there with no accountability (like he's had much anyway), or Mrs Moore might not like the idea of his 'spending more time with his family.'

Good move on the canvas.  You have provided a loving home for a poor homeless Jeep.
Moore has an albatros hung around his neck.. I welcome his wife entering the race. That should insure a Republican victory.


Heh, 'you're not supposed to be smoking that."