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Let us continue the whatzis...


With a scale for you, even. I'm getting to be such a softie.


 Sure looks like a cylinder out of a revolver?
Yes, yes it is.  You didn't play yesterday, in the opening post of the whatzis  - I should have put in a link in the post.

The question is - what revolver?
That's easy.

The one you removed the cylinder from to wipe the ladybug footprints off ...
Go back to bed, Bill.
Okay, the rounded ends to the chamber walls make this look very much like the cylinder of the British "Pistol, Revolver, .38 No. 2 Mk 1," commonly known as the "Enfield."  Some versions of this model don't have relief cuts on the cylinder locking notches at the rear of the cylinder.  However, I'm still confused by the counterboring on the chambers.  But I've never actually handled an Enfield, so for all I know that's a normal feature of the back face of an Enfield's cylinder.  Unless this one has been modified to fire a different design of cartridge.

Murfle.  I hate being this indefinite.
Well after looking at way too many Eurotrash hand guns I can definitely say ... whatever it is from is more than likely Fugley ... with a capitol FUG
Major Wag here.  .455 webley converted to .45 ACP requiring clips for the cartridges.
Apparently it's either a .31 or a .32.  Or maybe it's a hybrid!  Russian, probably.
jim b - Webley & Scott designs, (which include the .38 Enfield,) are generally well up in the running for the title of "World's Ugliest Service Handgun."  On the other hand, they are rock-solid reliable mechanically.  I'll take reliable and dependable (and a big fugly bullet,) over pretty any day.  A couple years back my wife hit a running raccon with one shot from our Webley Mk VI.  So they can shoot OK too.

Rod - It's not a cylinder from a modified .455 Webley:  I have one, and the back face of the cylinder and ejector star has been machined flat.  It might be an unmodifed .455 cylinder, but I don't think so: the proportions between the chamber diameters and the cylinder diameter don't look right for it to be a .455.

I'm still leaning toward it being a.38 No 2 Mk 1 cylinder, but it will probably turn out to be a Swedish design, built in a Bulgarian factory, and then modified by the Egyptians to shoot some obscure caliber in order sell the things to Sarawak.
1895 Nagant,, if the front bushing is removable
Blake, thanks.  You've reminded me that I've a No 2 Mk 1** hidden away, made by Albion too.  When I was able to determine where it has been safely stored and took a look at it, the cylinder is as you discripe for the .455.  Your SBES mutt sounds more likely.
Boom boom holder for a boom boom thing-a-ma-doohicky circa 1940s of Russian design.

I see the cat hair is still the subject.
There isn't a picture of the interior of Castle Argghhh! that doesn't have cat hair in it. Even if we had just used a flamethrower to clean a room.
Hey John, are there any photos of the Castle that do not show cat hairs?
No, Jim.  There isn't.

No, Jim.  There isn't.
Lessee. If one were more industrious than I, he could use the dimensions adumbrated here and compare them to the previous pic, and get an idea of the caliber.
Could it be Japanese, or some other non-western, design?
yeah, I'm pretty sure it's centerfire, and based on the length of the cylinder possibly 44 russion.

Forehand and Wadsworth?
It ees a boolit holder for a meskin 1812 peesttol.
It's off of one of the very early Webely's with the early style handle or a Scofield
I swear to goodness I recently saw a photo similar to the original clue while Wiki-ing revolvers a couple weeks ago.

Arg! (no pun intended)