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I was gonna do a post...

...on the joys of mass-produced-from-the-education-schools mediocre mouth-breathing teachers whose idea of history is to at best parrot the thankfully-no-longer-writing Howard Zinn while showing the-sadly-still-filming Michael Moore's movies to save on all that labor of preparing actual lesson plans and critically thinking and stuff, but, well, Chuck did it for me.

For that matter, so did Uncle Jimbo and Laughing Wolf.  Or Commander Salamander. I got nothing to add.


This image is very symbol laden.  Have you noticed that if it's too hard to make a good argument they use symbolism instead?  What should be sad for you guys is this means some are being taught that Iwo Jima was about pretty much the opposite to what it was really about.  Another thing that disturbs me is these kids aren't given the historical basis which then allows them to decide, and thus learn to think for themselves.  No they get the rabidly biased, dishonest, post-processed version dished up like unwashed tripe.

I have been told history is always under threat of revisionism.  I did 1/5 of 1/4 of one year of history in my entire time in my education but I'd pit my wits against this teacher any day.

Yet another reason my daughter is in private school. And why I am very happy her parents and grandparents are massive history buffs (not that I am an expert or anything)
I am getting off the ceiling to get my blood pressure meds... WTF?!!!!!   This person should have their teacher license revoked immediately and put on a black list so she/he would never get near children ever again...
Semper Fries with that?

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :(