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So, how are we doing America? Any of our readers, besides me, have their CongressCritter vote for ObamaCare? Were any of them self-described "Blue Dogs"? Well, my so-called "moderate" Representative did. 

Having experienced socialized medicine myself, and delighting in the knowledge that, since I was no longer in the USAF, I didn't have to expose myself or my family to such buffoonery again after returning to the US, I now find myself staring at the very real possibility that I will see it again. Thanks to Joe Donnelly (D-Nanny State).

 I especially like the fact that the enforcement of the health care law will be accomplished by the IRS, with approximately 17,000 new agents/employees they will need to keep the State gun to your head.

Now, needless to say, I had to give Uncle Joe a little feedback:

Congressman Donnelly,

I'm sorry you're my Representative. You supported your Party's pro-abortion plank--and continue to lie about your true position on killing children in the womb.
You supported your Party's dishonest characterizations of the health insurance industry. An industry that will now become nothing more than a collection of public utilities even more poorly run than when they were private corporations.
You support the systematic dismantling of the greatest medical system on the planet.  

You support a fundamental change in the relationship between the Citizen and the State. One thing about Democrats: you are smugly convinced that the only option for improving the quality of a person's life lies solely with the government. Well, that will change the American character in a mere generation, from one of self-reliance and a love of freedom to a nation on sheep who can only visualize a better life through an external, benevolent Leviathan. 
Today I must say that I am ashamed of my country. After being stupid enough to be willing to sacrifice my life for her for over a quarter of a century as an officer in her military, I find that the government does not represent the people's wishes. I admit it. I was a fool to think that "the consent of the governed" was anything more than a meaningless phrase.

That said, and even if it makes no difference in the eventual destruction (or to use Obama's term, "transformation") of our free-market, individual-liberty society, I will fight people like you. I was prepared to physically fight them in Europe, In Asia and everywhere else I was assigned, guarding America's interests abroad. Now I find the threat has burrowed its way into my homeland. So, I will fight here, too, with my time, with my words, with my money. I owe it to my family and my country.

You may be reelected, but I will do everything in my power to see that doesn't happen, if nothing else than for the defenseless human beings who will fall under the abortionist's knife, for my child who now faces an uncertain future in a soon-to-be-bankrupt country, and for my immigrant father's memory...a man who thought he had escaped the creeping Nanny State to find a free, prosperous adopted homeland where his son could grow up without a boot on his neck.

What do I take away from all this?

There is NO such thing as a "moderate" Democrat. In the end, they support the extreme Left wing of their Party; not surprising since that is their true orientation today.

There is NO such thing as a pro-life Democrat. In the end, they vote for their leadership, which is as pro-abortion as their President...who voted against a law in Illinois that would have afforded protection to babies who actually survived abortion attempts.

There is no such thing as a fiscally conservative Democrat. This monstrosity will bust an already-broken bank...and these people are charging full speed ahead on Cap-and-Tax (to the extent the Senate will let them), among other idiocies. Oh, did you know that the national student loan business is being taken over by the freakin' health care legislation?

These people are a menace. Fight them. Send money to their opponents. Make sure they know they are being targeted for defeat. Help their challenger this summer and fall. Go
here and donate. Visit this site occasionally. But, in any case, DO NOT GIVE UP.

I'm a free-born American. I want to remain free. I'm not scared easily...

...and I aim to misbehave.


Well, at least we know what all those new IRS shotguns are for...
I was talking to one of the neighbor's lawn guys today. He was all enthusiastic and happy about the Health Care Deform. He did not attend when I pointed out that it is un-constitutional, and that we can't afford it. He adduced Social Security and Medicare as arguments. (also un-affordable and unconstitutional) I pointed out the coming crash in Social Security, and I don't think he even heard me.  "Drink yer Kool-ade, " I said as I went back into the house.

I guess I'm kinda like my cat. If I'm feeling sick, I'll just go out here and lie down. I may get better, or I may die, but don't you busybodies try to help me without my permission; I just might have one bite left.
I am paying 115 euro (165 dollar) a month for good health care. Its impossible to compare the different plans I can choose from here offered by the commercial insurance companies, so I am not even thinking about comparing the US with The Netherlands. (well a quicky: I understood that there are about 3 times as much American uninsured as there are Dutch!)

But just to get a rough idea: what do you pay now for "good" healthcare? 

PS: our IRS doesn't need shotguns. They are THAT dangerous!!

Welcome back to the commonwealth. A featre of your health system will now be the "waiting list".

Where you can expect to die while socialists fudge the waiting list numbers to prove there is no problem.

Remind me why you had a revolution if you're just going to copy our worst mistakes.
Any of our readers, besides me, have their CongressCritter vote for ObamaCare?

Alas, yes.  The thing that represents me is not only a D, but an openly extremist liberal D by the name of Carol Shea-Porter (more accurately known as She-a-Pompous-Jerk).  Of course, it voted with the Bitch Princess. 
I am happy to report that of the Dem Congress Critter for my state at least one voted against it. My own representative is a Repub and voted against it as well fortunately. But it doesn't win the battle or the war as you have gracefully pointed out
All three -- two Senate, one Rep -- are Dems.

Not a gram's worth of integrity among 'em, and the folks back home have already launched the Recall Option for Bobby "Mendacious" Menendez. Next, they'll try to pry Lautenberg out of his coffin -- during daylight...
My rare Republican Congressman from New Jersey voted...NO.

And yes, we are trying to recall one of our Dem Senators.

We have a brand spanking new Rep Governor who is taking the big bayonet to the State budget.

It is very difficult in this cool aid state.
I don't even have to look to know my rep (Lloyd Doggett, D-TX) voted for it.  God help us.
Allen Boyd - (D) - Florida's 2nd Congressional District in the People's Republic of North Florida. We're an island of Liberalism in a mostly Conservative panhandle.

I was reminded of the interview given by Yuri Bezmenov, a Soviet defector, back in the mid '80's. He warned us all about the Soviet's strategy of using useful idiots, ideological subversion, demoralization, and generated crises to defeat the West.

The whole interview is fascinating, but especially this segment:

Too many people erroneously believe that the threat of Communism ended when the USSR fragmented. But as Putin's authoritarianism reminds us, it did not.

We need to take heed. As Bezmenov said, America is the last place in the world to defect to.

Are we really prepared to maintain it?
Keep stocking up on the ammo. It may come down to that.
Having as my Rep the illustrious Gabby Giffords I did not even have to look.   I think she needs the opportunity to move to Houston to be with her Astronaut husband!
Of course the congresscritter from my district voted for it-the shock was that there were ANY washingtonians who voted against-but then, we do have a small number of non-democrats here in this state (and they voted against.)

On the whole, remember that there WERE 39 democrats who voted 'no', for various reasons-it's just that the Left holds such a lock on Congress that they don't even have to listen to those within their own party who might have half a brain.
Mr Bill Owens (Dumbass- NY 23), voted for this bill to kill personal ambition and desire to improve one's place in life. He followed lockstep in the high heels of Nancy and her minions and even had a nice little letter for all of us to read about why he voted for it.
Lest any of you yell at me, (I fully expect it, being a Virgo) my congress Critter had it in the record how he would have voted had he been there.  Oh, and why wasn't he there (you'll appreciate the irony)?  Because his grandson was born here in GA, and was put in a NICU.  He wanted to be with his family.

 All well and good he could be with his family, but,considering the circumstances, all the more reason he should have stayed and voted.  I do not recall the Engineer's CO allowing him to leave a FTX when our son was in a German pediatric ICU...after all, the mission comes first and I was there.  I see no difference when it comes to the oath to 'protect and defend the Constutition against all enemies, foreign and domestic.'  Right now, any Congresspersyn who either did not vote or voted for HCR is an enemy of the Constitution.

There were six who did not vote.

I have the misfortune of having Steny Hoyer (D-MD5) inflicted as my representative.  Needless to say, I am campaigning full throttle for his opponent: USMCR Maj Charles Lollar.
 Our rep, Republican, Lynn Jenkins, voted against it.  She votes the right way, but she doesn't add anything to Congress, unfortunately.  I think we could do much better.  She's a rather dim bulb and made the mistake of hiring staffers who don't think constituents deserve answers to questions.

I would much prefer that Lynn speak up, loudly and often, about protecting our Constitution (a copy of which she DOES carry around in her purse), but she seems happy to stay out of the limelight as much as possible.

For some reason, this bothers me quite a bit.

My "Representative" is John Spratt, 5th SC.  We have 2 extremely gerrymandered districts in SC, besides the 5th there is Cliburn's (Majority Whip) district just to our east.  Of course they both voted for the Obamanation.  Spratt is a pork barrel hustler, which is good for Shaw AFB as he has got a lot of construction projects done that improved quality of life, however he tell his constituency that he is bringing jobs to Sumter, but, in fact, the only ones who benefit are the hotel owners since the companies that win the bid always come fro out of state.  If they are willing to buy it, oh well...  I do have to say that his staff helped me a few times when I ran into road blocks the the VA on my education benefits.   Last election cycle, I sent him an email and said that if he would pledge to vote against San Fran Nan for Speaker, I would vote for him, for a change... he never responded.


Beth, be happy that she, at least, does no harm.  I know that is a minimalist attitude, but with Congress, what can you say.  If she has a strong opponent in the primary, you may have a chance to fix it.  My grandma always said, " There's a silver lining behind every dark cloud."
Better the devil you know, aye?
Well, considering the heat Sarah Palin has drawn, I can't say I blame the lass, but I think if she had enough gutz to get voted to a seat in Congress, she will either get better or not seek reelection.

In other, more interesting news, Utah and Florida are leading the way for non-resident concealed carry permits.  Of particular interest is the timeline of states that went from no concealed carry to concealed carry in 24 years.  Note the years of Clinton and Bush.  Instructive, no?

Betsy Markey (D -CO) went on and on about how she was going to vote against the POS, and flip flopped at the last minute, leaving very little time for anyone to register complaints. Her phone lines were jammed, and now she has requested police protection. I think she was going to vote yes all along and was just stringing us along. It looks like she will be out of a job come Nov. Good Riddance.
As I've said before, I live in John Boehner's district, so I'm pretty well covered.

Does anyone have any specific gripes I should take to the next town hall? :)