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Another shot of the Castle Technical with a request...


Heartless Lib was asking about whether or not the deac reckless rifle was an M20 or an M18. It's an M18. And I'm betting, Heartless, that the M20 your guys pulled out of a cache was a Chinese copy - though it could be a Korea-capture, too, in that part of the world. Snerk. Or just bought at an arms bazaar in Pakistan, eh? We can arrange for a pic of the M20 on the Technical, once I decide I feel like schlepping 114 pounds around to do it.

Speaking of the Technical - she needs a name. Suggestions from the assembled  horde?



What else ya gonna call a Jeep?

You have a Gadsden flag? I like. :)

Bill, I'm pretty sure the jeep is a female. Eugena, maybe.
How about SLAB (Short Little Armed Bi***)
Yeah, I have a Gadsen flag.  I fly it on the 4th of July.  I've got Aussie, Brit, Kiwi, Canadian (Red Ensign and Maple Leaf), Philippine, Brazilian, South Korean, 69th NY Infantry, and an NRA range flag, too.

The Philippine, Brazilian and South Korean flags are because of Rotary.  We sponsor group study echanges, and when they come visit the Castle, I fly their national flags.  Since we don't often repeat countries in those exchanges, that sector of bunting will only grow.
Jenny the Jeep? Or, seeing how it's armed and what it's armed to go up against, Dead Men Driving.

   I'd go with LuLu.   :)

Or Sally, a very popular name for a female mule (yes they do have assigned sex, they're just born sterile 99.9% of the time).  This would fit since the Jeep was the next evolution from the venerable Army pack mule (Iknow the real mules are making a comeback, but still...)

Grimmy - that's a hoot!

She's the wrong color to be the Legendary Black Beast of Argghhh! but perhaps a variation along those lines...


To coin the infamous story in the Pacfic in Guadalcanal as related by T. Grady Gallant in On Valors Side, a group of Japanese soldiers shouted taunts and torments in tot he night at the hunkered down marines on the island.

At one point one shouted "Banzai Banzai! You die Americans! Blood for the Emperor!"

To which one Alabama native shouted back "To hell with the Emperor! Blood for Eleanor!"

Is the suspension absolutely straight?  If not, how about "Eileen".
Thinking back to the Roy Rogers tv series ... Nellybelle?
Don't know about a name, never named a Jeep before.  But with all that "paramilitary" hardware, Gadsen Flag, and such, I wonder if we'll be hearing about Big Sis storming the Castle?
I don't think so, Mr. Lee.  I'm a licensed collector (i.e., known to them already), and take pains to distance myself from those who call for violent regime change here in the US.

Which includes occasionally putting disclaimers in the comments when some of the more hot-tempered among us vent their tempers, heatedly.
Oh, I know John.  Was just a lame attempt at a little humor.
Which includes occasionally putting disclaimers in the comments when some of the more hot-tempered among us vent their tempers, heatedly.

Hey now! I'm mostly reformed and rehabilitated on that.

Ah, but Mr. Lee - you assume *they* have a sense of humor.
When I served our reserve infantry units had the 106mm RR on a M38 along with the 3.5” RL

which was phased out for the Carl Gustav. The mount for your RR is quite high, was that standard issue or are you using an MG mount?
Bill, I'm pretty sure the jeep is a female.

And you know this *how*, GrasshopperSaker? By the absence of a pointy end?

From my perspective, all the *important* things are -- external...

Colin - the M38A1C (and the M38 is a different jeep from the A1 - the M38 is a flat-fender, the A1 is the first of the "rounded" jeeps) did indeed mount the 106mm RCL on it.  The D models mounted the Davy Crockett.

The early (and National Guard/Reserve units) users mounted 57mm M18s (briefly) and 75mm M20s, as well as .30 and .50 caliber Brownings.  There was even a mount adaptor for the BAR.

The reckless rifles used the MG mount as their standard tripod/vehicle mount.

Here's an M38 (note the difference between this jeep and my M38A1) with a 75mm mounted.
In fact, with the M18, if you don't use the MG mount, you can't properly mount the M18 in the yoke, because the monopod gets in the way.

I know, I tried.

Driving cross-country with a live Davy Crockett mounted behind me would be a little nerve wracking to say the least.

I vote for "Libby" - as in "Liberty"
Close to Grimmy's suggestion, but different for a reason: Bill Mauldin named his jeep "Jeanie," after his wife.

I'd go for "Ernest", invoking my inner autie, but I reckon Ernestine would do, if you look up under the tail and decide it's a girl. 
I'd go with Sadie, as in Sadie Hawkins Day.  Goes with her home in the country and even though you thought you picked her.....

Heck, in that case, mabbe SWWBO would work.
You could name him George and you can hug him and pet him and squeeze him and pat him and pet him and hug him and caress him.

Oh wait a minnit. That aint a bunny rabbit!

The Enola Gray? (apologies to John's beard)

Betty Beep? (to be true to the fact that it's a period piece)
Stolen from "Red vs Blue", but it fits.
Commander Donovan of Detatchment Castle Arrgggh, and his faithful GP (jeep) ... Shep.
Since we are talking about an all terrain vehicle that was built to play in the mud and has mounted an antitank phallic type boom-boom to give it some authority, the Technical is a guy jeep. Ladies don't play in the mud. Oh they garden, but they wear pretty gloves and put a mat down for their knees. And make you undress on the back porch before letting you in the house, when you play in the mud.

And since we're talking about a Red Leg Commanders Jeep...BOOMER...should be it's name. John could then be BOOMER SIX and can snarl into the radio as only Red Legs can.
I think the M20 would look way better.  Bigger gun equals more fun.  And I would rather vehicle tote the heavier RR.

Sort of related question:  where is the trigger for an M20 RR?  How is it fired?  Any chance of a photo of the firing mechanism?

 Ladies don't play in the mud. Oh they garden, but they wear pretty gloves and put a mat down for their knees. And make you undress on the back porch before letting you in the house, when you play in the mud.
I guess I'm not a lady.  I get so dirty working around the farm that I strip in the mudroom, where the laundry machine is!
USMC Steve - sure, pics are possible.  The trigger is on the end of the left-hand handle of the breech mechanism, as seen from the rear of the gun (which, of course, is a Bad Place to stand when firing).
Rohosinante (sp?). Don Quixote's faithful old steed. Ro for short. Or Sin.
Old warhorses, indeed.

Spanish for "He may be old, but at least he's slow"...
Well, since she'll do 55 downhil with a tailwind and me to provide added gravitational attraction....
Looks like BillT beat me  to the punch on Rocinante so I second the motion.  For those of you out there not into Spanish literature, that was the name of Don Quixote's horse.
What was the name of Pancho Sanza's donkey?
No, I mean Sancho Panza! I have tasted two worms,...