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Dedicated ground attack bird...



Don't look up, you will have a nasty  taste in your mouth.
Like Cindy Lauper when the bird pooped in her mouth at a concert or something?

-EllaTee- hte cat who can has cheezburger
Reminds me of the Nissan Superbowl commerial
 I had an incident with a pigeon. It was about 20 years ago, I had a perfect mug of hot black coffee. The weather was perfect to outside, so I did with some friends. We were talking, I go to sip my coffee and I get splashed with coffee. This was not black, but "creamed" coffee, this danged pigeon took a laser guided dump into my mug. But Life, in her infinite justice, got her paybacks. The pigeon flew over the porch and was greeted by a hungry redtail hawk, who was more than willing to do a "radical attitude adjustment". All we saw were blood and feathers.
At Swamp Lagoon, we had several flocks of seagulls that served to train us to include the sky in our eye-scan pattern as we moved about the AO. These foul fowl especially loved to plague us while we were stuck immobile in the chow line.

This eventually ended though. We had something that was called "chicken" for chow every night for a couple weeks. It was tough, stringy, vaguely bird type meat. When the "chicken" stopped getting served we were, for some reason, also out of seagulls.
End of day one after transition from mil-green to civvies and newly minted as a big-bucks defense contractor in sunny southern California.  Poolside at new BOQ (Hilton Hotel - sweet). Cold beer one in right hand, sweet blonde in my left, "I've got it made now" thoughts swelling my head. Apparently the hubris was over-the-top as karma then saw fit deliver unto the top of my clearly oversized head one large seagull wet, stinky, foul, pile of poo. Beer gone, blonde gone, humility restored, lesson learned.
Seagulls are worse than pigeons.  They are bigger.  And even more obnoxious.
@ the Armorer and any helpful Denizens:  We are considering taking the CLUs and the Young Man on a couple of staff rides locally during this vacation.  What sites do you recommend around Atlanta and points north, say, between Atlanta and Chattanooga?  Also, reading material concerning said battlefield.

Back before it was converted into houses Riverside (California) International Raceway was renowned for its bombsight equipped seagulls.
@ Walter M. Clark, I'm on the other coast, the gulls got smart. They started using the road surface for cracking clams or oysters. Every so often, they would hit a car. Well, the State of NJ, figured a new way to discourage the behavior, the State painted seagull profiles on the road  and it worked. But there was still the problem of their leaving their 'signatures' on cars, the profiles and people. Well, Mama Nature comes in with her solution with a little help from humans. The humans were putting up poles with large platforms for nests along the meadows. Well, all types of hawk and eagles, including two mature mating pairs of Bald Eagles. Everybody knows where one of the pair are, but they couldn't find the second pair. They moved into a small patch of woods about a block away from my house. I live on a half acre  in a rehabbed house that is almost 100 years old. On the property,  There is one *big and old* red oak tree, she's about 350 years old, at breast height (4') she is 4 feet in diameter, the canopy is 80' radius. She has been checked out by a tree surgeon, solid. The eagles use my tree as a satellite for the hunting of pigeons and seagulls.
flashback ....

Birdie birdie in the sky
Drop a little white wash in my eye
I won't holler I won't cry
I'm just glad that cows don't fly

jim b sips some Scoresby
@Cricket:  Two of my favorite places are Kennesaw Mountain and Chickamauga.  Don't miss the gun museum at Chickamauga.  Look  up the Atlanta campaign on the 'net; there's lots of info.