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Combat Art

I like Combat Art.  Some works of oil on canvas can be ROUSING; others are  UPLIFTING.  Some help us remember why TODAY WE FIGHT.  And then, there are those who...



Brought to you by the letter, "Jihad."

It reminds me of the two sock-puppet aliens on "Sesame Street"  watching the phone ring and mimic-ing it.....

Sort of. Violent sock puppet aliens. 
Well, it certainly captures the mindset.  Now I'd like to see one with several people in the back made up as clowns.
Oh, and forgot their new battlecry:  "Cookie Akbar!!!" *snerk*
Dangit!  Cortillaen got there first!
Ya know, considering the quality of maintenance those guys do, there's a very real chance that the forward universal joint could fail. That would drop the front end of the driveshaft into the ground, resulting in "sudden flying jihad" syndrom when that truck full-stopped. 

"Sweet dreams are made of these.... "
You know, it reminds me of the 'Bert is Evil' poster that showed Bert from Sesame Street next to Bin Laden on a demonstration placard in Pakistan. See

Beyond hilarious.
AAAALLLLLTHA COOOKKKIIEESSS!!!  Me comes and get them, k?
Sesame Street goes to Tattooine to recruit the Sand People....
Gunner, coax, you were, this one's all mine, Cal. .50!
It would be most difficult to engage that vehicle, since the driver and front passenger aren't currently holding weps, they are "innocent civilians".

Gunners would have to be extra special careful not to harm those two.
Too bad they didn't use great Mumford.  Remember his magic phrase?  "Ah La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!!"  It would be so easy to change it to "Allah's truck full o' nut cases!"
I have this sense, somebody is suggesting the driver is accident prone. Then we hear the music for the "Nutcracker" Sweet. In the absolutely best scenario, if they survive, their attention will be elsewhere. Considering this crowd, there just *might* be some differing views, have fun.

****Warning**** I just might be called on a rulez violation. The assumption of things not in evidence.
Grimmy - you thread jumper you - I, as a gunner, see nothing but RPGs next to that driver...
Okay, I'll pick the nit.  While the P-47 was my favorite WWII airplane they wouldn't still have had the black and white D-Day invasion stripes by the time the ground forces got that far inland.

As for the pickup full of **** I think I'd shoot out the front tires first just to see where they all ended up.  Then go with the .50 and take them out before they realized they weren't riding any more.
Cookie Akbar!

Cortillaen wins. :)

I'm with John; I see both personal weapons just below Monster bin Cookee, and RPG rounds on the driver's left.

I vote for a beehive round; it's the only way to be sure.

If jsallison beans him with his Ma Deuce, would there be 72 eternal cookies waiting for him in Hades?
Looks like a deleted scene from Team America, World Police!
John of Argghhh!:

What's a thread jumper? If you mean the comment back where the ROE was being...

Never went back to that thread after commenting. I was already spun up and didn't want to make it a fight or any such.

Btw, if any of my slanders and slurs were taken as aimed at anyone here, denizen or commentariat, wasn't my intention. I can be a bit FPF when hot. Bad habit but it's mine.

Anyhoo, the ROE says weps have to be in hand to be "enemy". Weps at the feet, left in a ditch or laying beside a guy, he's "innocent civilian" until weps in hand.

Now, I"m not sure it really is that bad, but if it aint yet, just give it time. We're doing nothing but slip sliding away that way since the enemy within won their war over the history of the Vietnam "police keeping action".

But, that's all just explaining my little inside joke. Not meant to start up a fight here either.

I'll end it here by saying, maybe Chesty Puller was right when he said that thing about a heartier breed of men and our future as a people.
Grimmy - you worry too much, dude.  It's all good, as far as threads are concerned.
jallison - I miss my 105mm beehive for the M68 tank cannon.

Come to think of it, we bought a bunch of 120mm canister ammo from IAI about the same time we cam up with the TUSK kits for the M1A1.  I wonder if there are any left?
 We have 120mm canister for the Canadian Leopard 2 A6M's in AFG JUST for this contingency.......