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Charisma Of The Quiet Assassin

Some one has the charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low grade bank clerk.

Ah the Belgies.  Not even their grandmothers like them.



Tiens, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin, voilà du boudin.
Pour les Alsaçiens, les Suisses et les Lorrains,
Pour les Belges y en a plus,
Pour les Belges y en a plus,
Çe sont des tireurs au cul.

Pour les Belges y en a plus,
Pour les Belges y en a plus,
Çe sont des tireurs au cul.

When even the Foreign Legion thinks your citizens are useless, it's time to reconsider your standing on the world stage...


"Miserable fat, Belgian......."

A classic, from the classic comedians.

Good thing Nigel didn't just shout out "you lie".

Yeah, but everyone loves their waffles.
They lucked out at the 1964 World's Fair -- the Parsnip Fluff™ and radishes never arrived, so a countergirl with a sweet tooth substituted ice cream and strawberries...
Thanks for the subtitle....I was wondering what a "low grade bank clark" was
For those of us who do not speak French, and those of you who do, try pasting the verses into some of the online translators.  The results are truly amusing.  Try several.  The results are different. :-)
I feel vindicated.  YES!!!! 

One of my best friends came back from three years in Belgium to the sanity of Germany and vowed never ever to go back.  They are part of the Low Countries for a reason...
Well, I *do* love Belgian friteurs with sauce...
Hey!  JOHN MOSES BROWNING had some of his nicest pieces made there!
To be fair, the Flemings are pretty cool, and had they been allowed to associate with the other Dutchmen, I betcha they'd be running the Netherlands. The Walloons have always been a rotting stinking albatross about their necks, sucking up social services, getting government jobs, etc.
See what happens? Lie down with Flemings and you get up with Walloons.

I like Breugels' stuff, though -- it rminds me of growing up on Long Island in the '50s...
And I thought European politics was mostly for insomniacs.
This is not fair to low grade bank clerks
Between JTG and  Bill, I'm probably gonna get hauled into some euro court for a defamation lawsuit.
Having a distant connection to the Browning family (the Young Man wants to visit the original Browning workshop in Nauvoo; betcha didn't know that bit of trivia), I would agree.  But let us not forget; Browning was an American company that moved to Belgium.
I have heard that when Belgium left the Congo they even took the telephone poles with them, never understood why people think they are a nice little country.
Between JTG and Bill, I'm probably gonna get hauled into some euro court for a defamation lawsuit.

Only probably?

Think, Jtg -- *think*!
waaaa, the brits wanted their tony, but got defeated by this thing. reason? rompuy is a damp rag! no charisma, no power and no danger to anyone. an ideal president. heaven forbid that the big countries would get real competition. who is this ass shouting at rompuy by the way. real politicians don't have time for this nonsense. rompuy called it "pathetic" and for the first time ever i would say: well spoken sir! 

I believe this wag is... a Euro MP.  Which means you are right, Eric, real politicians *don't* have time for this thing, but Euro MPs do...
Think? before commenting? Surely you jest, Bill!
As a post-script to this episode, Mr. Farage apologizes to bank clerks around the world, but not to Belgians. Nor to the Belgian twit in question. :)

Mr. Farage was fined 9,000 euros for his 'insult," whilst he "undermined the dignity of the EU Parliament." Don't know how his comments could beat their general behavior, but there you go... Heh.