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Call Me Whatever You Want

Donny Deutsch a leftist talking head, threw an insult at me.

He just called Marco Rubio a Republican Senatorial  candidate for Florida a Coconut.   The Urban Dictionary defines Coconut as a Mexican who's brown on the outside, and white on the inside.  The left will mock and ridicule ALL leaders on the right (i.e. Sarah Palin) .  And those who they can't they  demonize (i.e. Dick Cheney).  That's their Modus Operandi since at least the days of President Hoover.

But back to the Coconut slight, the left needs for all of us "minorities" to stay in their liberal reservation.  If any of us toes him/herself into the conservative camp, school-yard taunts are showered our way.

Well let me tell you Mr. Deutsch, this Rican is ready to split some Coconuts, and make a Piña Colada out of your racist preconceptions - You Fr*ggin BECERRO.

Call me what ever you want. I don't care.  Epithets thrown my way do not stick on to me; as they reflect solely on the narrow-mindedness on the one spewing them, and not on the qualities of my persona.

Just don't call me late for dinner.



Myself, I hadn't actually heard that term before.  I've heard the "oreo" insult, and a few others, but 'coconut' was a new on me.

Either way, just shows its the LEFT that throws around the racist terms, not the Right.

I swear, every day, it's closer and closer to where being called "Raaacist!" by some Left-wing idiot will be like Oooberdooosh's Worst Person In The World:  An honor.
 Thank God he didn't call him a "professor", 'cause that would be racist!
Hey, Donny -- English, French, Irish, Scotch, Spanish, Murrican Indian, Bohemian Rom, and Gawd-Only-Knows What Else.

Bring it on.

Don't be too offended when I yawn...
I'm sorry, I'm almost 40 years old, I've been out of elementary school a long time, but I just can't help but giggle a bit whenever I hear this guys name.  I mean, he's the last guy that should ever be throwing out names on people.
It ain't the appearance, it's the part between the ears which counts. This is something the AKC forgot years ago with dogs. Dogs used to be bred for behavior, and the appearance was an accident.

  Unfortunately, now that arranged marriages are a thing of the past, humans are breeding for looks, too.  I mind an old lady I used to know who said, "I knew I wanted to have children, so I picked a good-lookin fella so I'd have good-looking children." She had three bad brutal (but good-lookin!) husbands who serially abandoned her and the kids. The most good-lookin of her kids was the one most messed up in the head.
Coconut, oreo, what-have-you. How does someone act white and why is it an insult if they do? I'm sorry but being a mutt I have encountered plenty of people who have denigrated one side of my family or the other numerous times. When I was a kid it was Polish (Polack) jokes, Since my great-great (not sure how many greats to throw in there) grandparents came from Poland I used to bristle at them but then I found out that it was the Poles who discovered the secret of the German encoding machine before anyone else. Anyone telling a Polack joke in my presence after that got a quick lesson in WW II history.

Speaking of which any encoding devices in the Castle Armory?
No, not really, Steve.  Had a chance at an Enigma once, but couldn't swing it.  There is a replica Enigma available, but it ain't cheap, being essentially handmade.

I've got some telephones and switchboards, and two telegraph machines, but nothing exciting.
Did you hear the one about the Polish Mine Detector?


And the word of the day is... Becerro! Brought to you by the letter B for Boquisucio!

There is a replica Enigma available, but it ain't cheap, being essentially handmade.

If you just want one for ambience, I've seen some cardstock kits that look *very* realistic. Use the cardstock outerworks as a template for a shop-built wooden one and you won't be able to tell the diff until you actually touch the keys.

I've built airplane (and helicopter) models of cardstock, and modellers who've seen 'em swore they were plastic or epoxy -- until they picked 'em up for closer examination.