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But What About Kilts?

The Equality and Human Rights Commission in Britain has issued a 68-page finding in which amongst many other leftist inanities, warns: may be illegal for any school to require girls to wear skirts as part of their uniform, since this could discriminate against transsexual pupils
Go read the article HERE.  I'd laugh, but sadly we live in dangerous times.



And what about requiring boys to wear pants? Doesn't that discriminate against transvestite pupils?

And the requirement for wearing *clothing* discriminates against Wiccan pupils who are required to go skyclad for religious purposes!


Do "Equality and Human Rights" groups *attract* nuthatch-wannabes as members, or do they go goofy *after* they've been appointed?

Inquiring minds want to know.
But, what do they wear under the kilts?

Deviant minds want to know...
John NTA...when you find out don't let me know. I would rather live in ignorance then know what's under some Scots skirt.
I suggest a leafblower, sir.
Leafblowers are illegal in Scotland, Saker. Too many Glaswegians mistook them for automatic bagpipes with a percussive drone...
Ahh i wish we were back in the good old days of john major (insert your sarcasm exclamation mark here ......). 
Nothing 'wears' under the kilts; unless of course, one is transitioning.  Then it may have gone MIA.  I just wanna be obnoxious today.  Most of them go commando anyway.  I heard it, on a knitter's list of all places from a Scotswoman who was married to a member of a Highland something or other, that when the troops went on leave they had to wear the kilt, and a mirror was placed on the floor.  The soldier stepped over it and their version of the Top Sergeant took note to see if there was evidence of boxers or some type of undergarment.  If there was, the hapless troop was told to take it off.  I think it was on the Socknitter's list...the other resident Fibre Fiend may be able to confirm it..

i wish we were back in the good old days of john major

Well, JoA is a Major (sarcastic remark redacted), and Major Mike has a john, so the good old days are *back* -- in a manner of speaking...

Thank God I don't have enough Scottish heritage to wear a kilt at my wedding.

Fiancee (SWETBO) is able to trace directly back to the old country, so she is wearing a tartan sash, along with her sister.

I was able to talk her dad out of the kilt, because we are better off not seeing his legs. NNY causes flesh blindness from seeing bare skin. she is wearing a tartan sash, along with her sister.

Will she tuck her sister under the sash, or wear her sorta like a fur stole?

Whut -- you were expecting maybe a joke about A.L.I.C.E. packs?

I still have my highschool uniforms :D And they fit! Siii escuelitaaaaaaa.
This has been a rather enlightening thread, with some real surprises.

I had the honor of knowing an old Scotsman, 102 years old in 2001. On Christmas Eve, he wanted a group of disabled vets that he knew for a long time, to come over for a party/ fully catered dinner. We were to be casually dressed for a mid afternoon meal, but he wanted two of us, to come over in mid morning. The other guy was a former POW. We went in got some coffee and talked with the old man, at one point he went to his room to change for the party. He came out in full Scots' regalia, the whole bit. A kilt is not a skirt. For the male Military-types, excluding tee-shirts, how many of you were issued, "blouses" and how many were issued, "shirts"?

@BillT, I didn't know you were such a staunch advocate for "transvestite students". Maybe the question is this, is your preference for you, "Skyclad"? Now, *KOFF!*

It was blouses and trousers. Pants were the leggings that women wore.
Looks like the spambots have arrived. 

I bet their link is not a place anyone should go!  (Dressed in a Kilt, or otherwise...)
I have no interest in what is "under the kilt." I don't care how deviant, the minds are and how much they want to know. Picture this, a man reaches up under the kilt, not his own, he finds much more than he ever anticipated.  OK, NOW,*ARGGHHH, KOFF!*

@John (Not the Armorer) Let the deviant minds find out for themselves! It's only fair.
BillT, my apologies, you are not the "transvestite students' advocate", this 'honor' belongs to Boq. 
No apologies needed -- I am a staunch advocate of transvestite *female* students' rights to wear *men's* fishnet football jerseys.

Provided said female students are *collitch* students. Or grad students. Or post-doc students. Or Adult Ed students. Or...
That's right Grumpy, I DO advocate for the rights of CROSS DRESSERS.
And Boq *does* get cross at times...
Hmmm... Murray DOES have some 'spainin to do.  :-()
@BillT, Sir, Thats gotta be *COLD* sliding your stones on the ice!
When my grandfather (who was a proud son of the Clan McKenzie) was asked that question, the answer was "ma shoes."

I've also heard Renfest kilt wearer answer, "if I'm lucky - Lipstick!"

I love guys in kilts.  I wish that we had kilted dress uniforms. 
Thats gotta be *COLD* sliding your stones on the ice!

Aye, fer sure. But na worse than roonin' i' yer kiltie thro' a field o' thistles wearin' na' but yer shoes beloo...

'Tis nothing worn beneath the kilt...  Everything is in perfect working order!!!