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A new whatzis


Back to old school style - though I think there's a few of you who will get this one pretty quick.


Safeties off...commence firing.
Almost looks like a tang-style safety for something
Its a disgromifacator.  Judging by it's appearance, its also badly in need of calibration.
And Major Mike stumbles in like Foster Brooks, mumbles something unintelligible, and wanders out again...
Pre 1900.  Looks like something from the Martini-Henry era.  The pins may mean that thing-a-bob doesn't move.
Magazine catch?
Well, sheet metal side plates, rivets, moveable bit with serrations, has to be the latch for some mechanism, I'd guess more likely to be something for mounting or bracing rather than a firearm in its' own right.
Ok, I may be way off base here, but the only things that I've seen in that configuration were mounted vertically - ratchet and prawl type things.......
Looks like an attacher to me.
Trigger to the M6 Survival Rifle.  And is that the original short barrelled model?!
from the tip of the tang, slanting down to the left, do i detect a leather strap rub mark???

(and perhaps the Martini got to MajMike too soon....)
It might be easier if it were not shown upside down!

This is part of a "twofer", something handy to have in the tundra when one's aeroplane ceases aviating.
Bingo! It's the trigger on an M6 Aircrew Survival Weapon, or one of the later commercial copies of the basic M6 design.
+1 John and Blake... 22H + 410 anyone?

+1 Pogue first, Seza.  He's still sharp despite blurry vision at the moment. 

As for your rest, yes and no.

This is the shoulder thing that goes up, right?
If it's up, right, then you're jerking the trigger instead of squeezing it.

Ah, I've never seen one without the nanny-state trigger guard. Makes sense, though.

From the pictures I see on GunBroker, it almost looks as if this shot could be zoomed in close enough to not see the trigger guard, Og.

BTW, looks like they are going for around $300 these days.