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The whatzis, revealed.

It is, indeed, a gyrojet pistol, in 13mm. The big copper thing is a gyrojet round, shown above a 7.62 Tokarev round for comparison. What you thought was carbon - is paint. Look for a post on this puppy in the near future!


For any who lack X-ray vision, here is what the gyro jet round looks like on the inside:

There is a definitive book on all things Gyrojet and MBA Associates' related nearly completed by Mr. Mel Carpenter in Florida.  Some really innovative stuff!

No wonder it doesn't look like anything I have ever seen before.

I bet getting ammo for that is a challenge.
Larry Niven wrote a story in which the Hero Protagonist Detective used a Gyrojet. He was aware of its deficiencies; low velocity at short ranges, innaccuracy at long ranges.

A real nerd piece. Oh God I want one. 

P.s. If you have the ammo, you don't need the pistol. Anybody familiar with use of file, chisel, and hacksaw, and who has access to a hardware store, could make a launcher for the things.
I'm envious, Armorer.  where did you find it, and where did you find hte ammo?
Phew, good thing it's a *rocket launcher* rather than a firearm... only CNN and the MSM would make that mistake! 8^)
(scuttles for cover)
Uh, what's it for? The "Gyrojet" I'm familiar with is a crude, hand-held launcher of small pyrotechnic signaling flares used to highlight one's position for a rescue pickup.

Oh, never mind... -Attila
It WAS a gun barrel, with little dot-marks made by one of those cylinder thingies!

wasn't the 13mm model that was doomed by GCA68 as a "destructive device" so they made 12mm models after that? I know someone that owns one of the carbines in 12mm but has never fired it...the ammo is just too expensive, and it's not really practical to "roll yer own" like a conventional gun.

I think with modern propellants and manufacturing you could make a gyrojet round that would be accurate. we know a lot more about rockets now.
From what (little) I know of the GyroJet- I believe The Armorer is intending to grace us with a dissertation soon- it's lack of commercial appeal was threefold. It was big and awkward, the ammo was VERY expensive, and it was no improvement on the ballistics of conventional pistols.
Cool as hell, tho...!

Neffi - the Feds consider it a *firearm*... so there.

AFSis - the dots were made when they painted the weapon after assembly...


Translating into American, I get 51 caliber.  A nice shiny Desert Eagle wouldn't work?
Very nice. I've always wanted a Gyrojet,. but I have a rule about stuff I can't get live ammo for. Very, very sweet.