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Hey, it ain't B5 or Mudville, but it ain't bad, and all y'all have been part of it. Thanks!


 Hey, I can understand the sraw. This is my first stop of the day, to see what's going on, read Day by Day, and it's no coincidence that the Castle is at the top of my blog list in my bookmarks.

  Nice place, nice people, good writing.

   What more is there?

   Congrats, John, and all the denizens.
I have put on my tiara and I am toasting you with my cup of tea. 

Please keep up the good work, since I ride your coattails.

Many Thanks,
Princess Crabby

Can't get the 'contact us' to come up, would you mind shooting me an email?  Need a little advice on a possible opsec issue, and would like your opinion.
Sweet indeed! This is the best spot to be - among friends :-) 
Congrats to all the Castle crewe!

Let me put in a plug for AW1 Tim's site-  he may not be pulling the numbers yet, but the content is absolutely first rate- great history, keen insights and well written.

Not many guns there yet, but worth a daily visit to see what he has draemt up whilst watching the folks at Bath Iron Works make good ships across the river.
Wow...congrats. I've learned a lot from this site...not necessarily useful in my job or personal life or helping to catch more fish...but if I ever come across an Italian machine gun...I'll be ready.
**Bows to the master**

Well done, Sire.
Why does Massa John allow this bungler of The English Language enter the hallowed halls of this here Castle, is beyond me.  I'm just a silly little MilGroupie.

But seriously, Congrats Boss, on your first 5M visits.
Wetsu!  Well done indeed.
Sir, thanks for making this site. I've been reading it every day since before I went to BCT, and the Castle never fails to entertain and educate. I plan to continue lurking and hopefully some of it will rub off on me.
Congrats, and continue the good work!
Awesome!  Congrats, John!
Nice round number, 5M. Not bad for an arty guy. -Attila 
Very cool.

So much is represented by those 5,000,000 hits... a lot of history there for our little community, a lot of behind-the-scenes leadership on your part, a lot of good done for so many people.  This is quite a place you've created here--I know you hate when I say it, but I suspect a lot of postive things would be absent in a lot of peoples' worlds if not for

*metaphorical hugs*  ;)
Is that counting all the double-comment posts?

(ducking and running for cover, tee-hee)

Ahhh.  Sweet.  I found this when BillT crashed through the scenes at VC and starting playing with Cassie's trivet...five years ago.  It has been a required read for a whole lot of reasons.  Thank you for being part of our lives and giving us excellent content.

Well deserved congrats.
Much deserved Congorats!

It's been the perspective and general issue decent behavior that have always drawn me here. And, as one of them what occasionally went outside the bounds of decent behavior here, lesson learned and taken to heart, sirs and ma'ams.
Congrats :)

-Generic_Lt- who isn't special.
Pshaw, ElTee... all Uncle Sam's chilluns is special.  Even if a certain segment of the population thinks we're short-bus special.