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Still waiting...

Remember these?

The mosaics of President Bush made from pictures of the fallen?

Wonder when the anti-war left will get around to making some for President Obama?

[crickets chirp]

Fair and balanced, right? 

Oh - and if you find any, lemme know, I'll link 'em.  I haven't found any, but admit I haven't looked that hard.  You didn't have to look hard for these - they were in your face...



The "anti-war" movement was never that.

It was "anti-US", "anti-Republican", with Bush as the convenient whipping boy.
Hmmm so many rude things I could say... Well I hope my pic doesn't end up on obama's face.

Oh not because that means id be dead but I'm very iffy about what is done with my pictures once i am. I went to a few funerals growing up say highschool and college and my friends parents ALWAYS chose a horrible picture from their teen years for the service while there were perfectly aceptable pictures on facebook. Portraits even but no! (This is me being inmature but I've felt this way over 10 years now) So I have personally selected my picture and I just hope it isn't put to such tacky use. 

-Coffee addict Lt- Who finaly scored a ride to get coffee.