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Ray Vivier, someone you should know.

As related by Brett Zongker, of the Associated Press:
ARLINGTON, Va. – Ray Vivier had been an adventurer, a Marine veteran who explored the country from South Carolina to Alaska, the father of five children.

The 61-year-old also was a man starting to get his life back together after living for years in a shanty beneath a Cleveland bridge. He had struggled with alcoholism, but by November he had a welding job, friends and a place to stay at a boarding house.

He rescued five people from that house when arsonists set it ablaze — but Vivier couldn't save himself. He and three others died, and two people have been charged in their deaths. Vivier's body, unclaimed and unidentified for weeks, seemed destined for an anonymous, modest burial.

You can read the rest of the story here.

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam of Private Ray Vivier, who had a brief, unremarkable career and subsequently a hard life. 

But when push came to shove, former Marine Vivier pushed and shoved his way to Fiddler's Green, that pushing and shoving keeping five other people from making an early rendezvous with their destinies.  I would rather live next to a homeless vet like Ray Vivier, than to a wretch like that poseur McManus.  When you compare and contrast, you begin to understand why Stolen Valor cases generate such heat in our community.


I read this story in the news last night.  Incredibly moving.  Thanks so much for posting it, John.
He remained a sheep dog to the end, protecting others above self.  Despite his problems, he placed duty first in his last moments.
Excellent summation, HH.  Well done.  I wish I'd thought to say that.
Shai Dorsai!

He's now guarding the streets of Heaven.
Thanks for noticing this, John. Not former.  Most very well done, Marine. Semper Fi.
Thank you.  That was a much-needed start to my day. Rest In Peace.
 Way to go Ray.