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Pelosi and her clown posse like to drink...

100128booze.jpgMadame Speaker and her clown posse apparently like to booze it up when traveling on USAF assets, and have the AF procure their booze.  World Net Daily has posted the scan at right there of an alleged reciept - note that it comes from the Bolling Air Force Base Army and Air Force Exchange Service Shoppette/Class Six (liquor) store.  Which means that it was also procured sans sales tax.

Hey, it's gov't money being spent, so, skipping sales tax is no big deal.

But according to AAFES, this is who is authorized to use their facilities (rules set out by Congress, one would note:

Authorized Users
Military ID Card Holders
Civilian employees and government contractors can purchase snacks, candy, food items and soft drinks in the Post Exchange and can dine at the Burger King by showing an identification card.

They cannot purchase cigarettes, alcohol, clothing or electronic equipment. Those items are for purchase only by eligible military ID card holders.

The emphasis is mine.

I would also note that while authorized users can buy items from AAFES as gifts, etc, we are not allowed to buy in bulk for non-authorized users, or to divert AAFES-purchased goods for use in a personal business.

I know alcohol is served on AF One, and, frankly, I don't have any real problem with that.  I don't realyl have any problem with Madame Speaker and her posse drinking on the exec jets (but I'd note I've never been allowed to booze it up when flying USAF Air Lines...) But I'm wondering if anyone knows how that's done for AF One - and if AAFES can be used like it's being used here?

Me, I'm thinking these people aren't authorized users, they should be BYOB.  But that's just me.  And I'd be saying the same thing if were were talking Speaker Hastert.


To hijack great lib talking point and excuse for everything they do...


Applicable if you consider Nancy and her ilk to be ill mannered brats in our cookie jar.
Gray Goose for only $26.65? That's a good $10 less than at Ft. LV!
They should at least be buying wholesale - well Gov't contract - just like the AAFES does for its supply.

I mean, they did just raise the debt ceiling by $1.9 Trillion so they can probably squeak by - at least now that Teddy's gone.
To quote somebody over at Cap'n Lex's place, "Johnny Walker RED?" I mean, with that much pull, and free money, one would go for the good stuff, methinks.
P.s. All forms of J. Walker suck compared to Famous Grouse.  F. G. sucks compared to The Glenlivet.  T.G. sucks compared to Cardhu. Ah, yes, Cardhu, that's what they drink on Olympus!

Sooo, which is worse?

Finding out that the taxpayers were shafted out of $100k for booze?


Finding out that the taxpayers were shafted out of $100k for CRAPPY booze?

Just goes to show that the while our Nouveau Rich in Congress may have our money to squander, they simply cannot purchase class or good taste...
Well, Kevin, I'll be 60 soon, so I can't indulge my "My thumbs on yer windpipe! Argghhh!" feelings even in my imagination without running up my heart rate and blood pressure to dangerous levels, let alone doing so IRL. 
I would not complain at all if the entire Pelosi Clown Posse quadrupled their intake and got so stinking drunk they passed out and failed to show up for work.  Ever.  It would be money well spent then.

Kevin, I understand they bought several cases of Rolling Rock Beer as well... :)


 To "Justthisguy", a tipple of Springbank. $90

To Casey, Rolling Rock is NOT crap beer and beats Bud IMHO, but, it would not be my first choice.  Try a Baltika from Russia, yes, Russia and see what you think.  My favorite is the #7. $2.75@

For the Castle denizens, Dos Lunas Repasado Tequila.  $38

For myself, a nice glass of Wathens Small-batch,  94 proof bourbon. $40.


I could equip the morons bar with far better booze for less money. And, with fairly comparable prices even at retail and esp so if I, a mere eevul capitalist vendor of premium wines and spirts, had the tax payer funded benefits our Lords and Ladies enjoy, literally, at our expense.

It sux all the way 'round.

PS. Dickel Select Barrel Whiskey kicks all versions of JDs behind.  If you are a JD fan, try and find some George Dickel.  You will be a very happy sipper.

Pelosi:  "Per diem?  We don't need no stinkin' per diem!!!!"
 In high booze-tax states, the Class VI store gets lots of illegal traffic. Of course, this booze was probably bought by the Flight Steward (technically a Loadmaster, I think). My concern would be if any of these pax are "ordering" bottles to take with them, and not actually consuming the hooch on the flight.

If this could actually be looked into in depth (such as by the USAF OSI), there would be a sacrificaial goat, which, sadly, would probably be some poor E-7 who regularly serves as Load on that flight. The blame would never get to the hallowed halls of Congrass.
Rivrdog hit the nail on the head...this purchase was most likely made by a steward, to stock the booze cabinet on the plane from which drinks are served to passengers by the stewards.  This is normal VIP service, and no matter how much it chaps our hides that we are catering to the likes of Pelosi, she is a VIP, and until Congress gets its own private airline, we will be serving her and her posse drinks.  If there is any impropriety here, you can bet OSI is looking into it.  Another infuriating aspect of this story is that the steward had to drive 12 miles to Bolling AFB (read the receipt) to buy the hard stuff, when there is an AAFES Shopette a few hundred meters from the flightline at Joint Base Andrews.  Why is this, you ask?  Because the Boss Hoggs who run the liquor stores off base got their Congresscritter to prevent Andrews' booze store from selling hard liquor, the ONLY one in the CONUS that cannot do so.  I don't even drink the hard stuff unless someone else hands me one, and this makes me so angry I want to run for this asshole's office just to set this straight.  I HATE cozy dope-deal politics.  On a lighter note, while deployed in the Middle East a few years ago, former President Clinton passed through my base while attending a local conference.  He was traveling on one of the AF VIP jets.  After he left, a large quantity of Air Force One cigars (Filipino ones, packed 3 to a tube bearing the Presidential Seal) mysteriously showed up in our headquarters.  How appropriate.

"After he left, a large quantity of Air Force One cigars (Filipino ones, packed 3 to a tube bearing the Presidential Seal) mysteriously showed up in our headquarters. How appropriate. "

Filipino cigars were/are awful.  I don't even know if you can get them in the States any more.  They became available here in the 90's due to the demand for cigars, any cigars, during the cigar boom. That might help to explain why they so mysteriously appeared....

The most popular Filipino cigar was labeled "Fighting Cock".  If indeed the cigars came from Prez Bubbas plane and considering his reputation.... indeed, "How appropriate".
From the can label (there's 4 in there-my bad): 

"The finest cigars do not come along every year. Premium tobacco grown in the fertile soils of sun-blessed Cagayan Valley in the Philippines.  Hand rolled - long filler cigars produced from centuries of exceptional craftsmanship.  World class cigars processed to perfection to guarantee mildness that can satisfy the most discriminating cigar connoisseurs." 

I'll bet.  I've left the can sealed, as I am not a big cigar smoker, and from what Kevin said, I'm not missing too much.  I'd like to hope we didn't pay a lot of money for them, but I suppose I'd be wrong about that....

If they are still sealed, then they may be worth some bucks on *bay.  Look under Tobacianna, it's a whole collectors market. 

With them being sealed, it sounds as if they haven't been humidified and are probably dried out.

No big deal.  Cigars can be re-humidified and brought back.

I'd keep them sealed and sniff around the collecters sites.  There are several cigar auction sites if you look for them.

If nothing else, you have a neat collectors item.

Oh, and the tins advertisement forgot to mention that the cigars were rolled on the softy, dusky thighs of long-haired, sloe-eye Filipina virgins.....

Need to teach them folks some marketing techniques.
I guess my only question would be was that special ordered for the House Hag and her minions, or was that SOP for weenie flights?