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Our Country is in the Very Best of Hands...

Just when you thought you've seen the dumbest thing a government do in a looooong time, you read this

Where the H3ll did I put my tire iron? I need to make a personal, on-the-spot correction at this particular TSA operation. Sheesh.


Yeah.  Saw this on another web site.

I'm not a fan of lawyers, but I'd find the most evil, greedy pit bull of a lawyer possible and do my best to ruin the lives, finances, and futures of anyone even remotely connected to this nonsense.

Just kidding!?!  My narrow a**!

Somebody ought to waterboard this guy and then say, "just kidding!"
There used to be an offense called "criminal abuse of office," which covered carp like this,  Is seems to me that dragging it back out of the statute book and prosecuting idiots like this one ought to have a salutory effect on other TSA employees.
These goons are the reason I stopped flying two years ago.  I'm not taking off my shoes for any 2-bit rent-a-cop wannabe. I'm not taking off my coat, or anything else for them.

I'll take the bus or the train, than you very much, even if it takes a might longer.

Maybe when enough folks stop flying, the airlines will push back against this crap.
Only good bit of news is the final line:

Update: Ann Davis, the TSA spokeswoman, said this afternoon that the worker is no longer employed by the agency as of today. She said privacy laws prevented her from saying if he was fired or left on his own.

TSA can shove it, and I am not going anywhere near an airport to be dumped on by those wannabe idiots who play God, if they play at all.

I think there are signs at all airports wasrning us not to make jokes about terrorists, bombs, etc., as all jokes on such subjects are taken seriously.

  What that TSA thug did seems like a pretty low and nasty joke to me.  I have read elsewhere that he has been fired, but not identified.  What I want to know, is why did he not get his face slammed to the floor, yelled and screamed at, had pistols stuck in his ears, hauled away in chains, usw., as would happen to any of us peasants who would dare to make such a "joke" in such a situation?
Umm, "warning.'"  Sorry, clumsy finger.
Wow.... just... WOW.
Idiocy aside, he admitted to the ownership of the 'white powder.'  I would have been all over that. Drug testing, his police record (betcha he had one and he was hired anyway), the whole fisking thing.  It helped that her father is a lawyer and probably worked out a deal that he would not sue the bejabbers out of the TSA if they would fire the creep and the moron who hired him.

Privacy rules?  If she was humiliated publicly, and her name and age and college are all over the place, I see no reason not to make HIM a target.  Of course, then the TSA would be embarrassed even more so than they are already.