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Let's Follow Our President's Lead

Since our President wishes for all of us to adopt more European life standards, we should all emulate this Belgian's choice of a car and garage.

Think of all the Carbon and Square Footage Meterage saved.  Mother Earth will surely feel saved and protected when we follow Obama's prescription for living.

BTW Ry - I told you I would pick on the Belgies for a change.



Heh. I guess that means we can't save money and work on our cars ourselves....I don't think i could even get my rollaway toolboxes in that thing!

I think them Belgians maxed out technology-wise with their waffles. 
LOL - I thought the Belgians peaked with the Crapsprayer.
Wow - and I thought MY garage was tight.   I especially liked the interlocking doors!

I am gobsmacked, no one has mentioned Belgian Lambic beer. They may not have much car sense but they do know their beer.

I think the song "God is great, beer is good, people are crazy" applies here.

They made good beer to drown their sorrows regarding their small garages....
oO.  The man should be designing condoms.
did that guy really just say something like "dingen machen" when he was describing the dings he had made in the wall by opening the car door??
Yes, he did.  I noticed the dings.  All of a sudden, my two car garage is roomy.  So is my house and I don't have to get into the car to get into the house!
Not only that, he said 'dingen maakt' twice.  Once going inside the garage and once when the house was opened up.  After he exits the car into the house, he has to then go outside to close the garage door.

*shakes head.*

I love my Precious.  It could be a condo over there.
Please delete the first of the twin postings...sigh.  He also said it took 4-5 liters to get from his town to Oostende; I think he lives in Blankenburg. 
Truth be told, and with interest for full self-deprecating disclosure, I am 1/4 Belgian.  Though she's been gone for five years now, Grandma used to regale us with her stories of growing-up in Brussels.  I still have two Great Aunts, and a gaggle of second and third cousins up there which we keep in close contact with.

NevadaDailySteve: Grandma's favorite Gueuze was Mort Subite.  And though I came to deeply appreciate her libation of preference, my favorite whenever I'm up there is: Orval.  Love those dry hops in that ale.


I'll have to look around and see what's available next time I'm someplace there's a variety. Around here Dos Equis is about as foreign as you get. Truth be told though my favorite is probably Boulevard wheat beer, not exactly exotic, but good.
Boq, I loved the quaintness of Europe, although, seeing the video shows how much of a PITA it can be.  It still amazes me that Americans take space for granted, although I would not trade my space for the tiny first apartment we had.  The second one was fantastic but the kitchen was so small we could prep, cook, eat and clean up all without leaving the table.  I did a LOT of walking over there and regret it not at all, but that was because things were close in our village and going to the commissary was a once a week trip.  I guess it is the village aspect I miss; just having what you need.  Thanks for the vid! (Thanks, John or whomever, for deleting the first post)
Ridiculous. Typically European and typically sheeple.