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Here's a thought...

From Reuters, via Kevin:
"We don't normally kill al Shabaab members. We arrest them and make them understand that Islam means peace. We have detained and then released many of them," the spokesman, Sheikh Abdullahi Sheikh Abu Yusuf, told Reuters by telephone.

"This commander insisted that all people were infidels except his group ... We will execute al Shabaab members who insist that it can be right to kill the innocent. What else are we supposed to do to those who believe they will go to paradise for killing us and the whole human race?"

Heh.  Sounds like a military commission to me.  Of course, these guys are more serious about this, in some respects, than we are.  Rest of the story here.


If a person acts in a war-like behavior, *while in a recognizable military uniform*, then it goes before a military commission. This uniform should be distinctly different from normal civilian attire.