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Caption Contest (Short Bus Rider Edition)

And who said that "Special" Kids couldn't play with CS Gas!



LAUNCH THE HOLY HAND GRENADE! And in the LORDS eye, smite them greatyl!
I wouldn't rely just on faded red paint on the mag to ensure I had the right cartridge loaded.  You _can_ load single cartridges into one of those without a mag in it, right?
Oh, right, a caption.  

   "Use your words!" eh?  Well, listen to this!

(A few years ago on Alt.Support.Autism, there was a "list your pet peeves" thread. Being told to use your words was a very common one.)
Um, this will probably sound stupid, but... Does that mean the cloud I see is gas that was released right after the thing was fired? Is that why it's a short-bus photo?

Casey, I think it's the helmet and the shirt cuffs. I can't tell from the photo if the guy remembered to pull the safety pin after laying the grenade in the cup.
What? Only two actual captions?  (Mine's better.)
Say that about my mama again!! I dare you!!

Casey: I believe the gas you see is propellent oriented.
What Grimmy just said. (about the pic; I don't even pretend  to begin to understand his mommy reference.) 
SAY 'ALLO TO MY LIL' FRIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Live testing of the new standard issue grenade catcher.
"Kittens...with SPIKES!!!"  (Caboose here forgot to pull the pin.)

You don't launch grenades at idjits that talk bad about your mama? What kind of son (or daughter, never sure with some of the names around here), are you?!!!!

 They take their tennis very seriously in the Middle East.

Oddly enough, double-fault calls are rarely made

Army Transformation:  From paintball with your unit to launching grenades at the enemy...with your unit.

Backyard Ballistics, v.10
"Playing catch-the-beanbag, Arnoldo had a flash back to his kindergarten days."
Grim, I _am_  sometimes a bit slow about understanding that kind of social stuff. Hence, the autism reference. Now that I understand, oh, hell, no, you cain't talk like that about my Momma!
 Is that facial expression FOR REAL????
Riot control, so easy, even a caveman can do it.
This thing reminds me of the Noisy Cricket! Waah! I'm tellin my mommy! Where's my @#$%^ TANK?!?!?