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We still have a whatzis...

Now with more fiddly-bits!



It's just not the same without a cat's tail, John... sigh
Damncat wasn't interested in stylin' for the camera this morning, Neffi.  Bibi would just as soon kill me as be that close to me, and Liz can't sit still long enough to photograph.
Looks like the roller cam for a M73/M219
knurled azimuth lock guide for a Helsinki smash rod...
If she sees that oily thing on her nice carpet, you are in deep kimchi.
Mag release for a boolit chucker thingy?
Well, Skip  - that's not "her" carpet, unless "her" is either Liz or Bibi (the Auld Soldier's kitties who live with us now - that's their window perch).
Does it hammer to make things go bang?
A good and logical question, Argent.  And... sort of.  Kind of.  In a way, but not the way you think.
It is a Turkish hashish pipe and a tool for tamping, obviously.
Hey, what kind of web site is this turning into anyway?
I dunno, Corp - what kinda guy are you that you know so much?